The past weekend, Phenom Hoops hosted our annual Team Camp in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Between the individual talent, collection of teams, and overall competition, there were a lot of meaningful takeaways. College coaches were in attendance from start to finish, and several players made lasting impressions with their play. Davidson Day easily stood out as one of the more notable teams on display and should certainly be in the mix for another state championship. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their pieces…

Everything starts and ends with Isaiah Denis. We wrote about him extensively on Monday, which can be read here:

Ultimately, his combination of scoring, shot-creation, and athleticism make him a matchup problem for basically every opponent in the state. Denis is getting to his spots with relative ease and taking whatever he wants offensively. His uptick in playmaking makes him an even more complete player with the ability to dictate the action with the ball in his hands.

Given how Will Stevens has trended upward over the last calendar year, it’s clear that he brings a meaningful presence to this group. He offers a reliable interior presence on both ends of the floor. Stevens consistently protects the rim and controls the glass, displaying a terrific blend of IQ, timing, and understanding of how to utilize his length. He battles for extra possessions and blocks shots at a quality rate. Stevens runs the floor well in transition and knows how to find scoring opportunities by filling the lane. He shoots the ball at an impressive level for his size/position and is capable of drawing out defenders to account for his presence beyond the arc. Stevens should continue to collect Division I offers over the next calendar year.

Alongside Stevens in the frontcourt, Levon Jacobs is certainly a prospect who possesses a lot of intriguing qualities. He’s a long, fluid athlete with the combination of size, skill, and versatility to overwhelm opponents. Jacobs finds most of his opportunities as a finisher, but also appears comfortable spacing the floor or attacking off the dribble. He possesses great length and a frame that should only continue to add strength. Jacobs can defend bigger opponents or effectively switch onto perimeter players when needed. Already a scholarship-level talent, it’ll be interesting to follow his recruitment during his upcoming senior season.

Rounding out this grouping, Jamieke Spruill is a major x-factor and quietly one of the more valuable players on this roster. He’s a smart, well-rounded floor general who simply knows how to run a team and put his cohorts in a position to succeed. Spruill handles the ball with poise and care, playing at his pace and rarely getting sped up. He gets the ball to his teammates in the right spots and knows how effectively space the floor as a shooting threat. Spruill touches the paint at a quality rate and makes great reads with the ball in his hands. Add in his scrappy defensive presence and general reliability, and it’s easy to see how he impacts a game. Expect him to attract college coaches.  

Additionally, Mac Habenicht made a lasting impression with his play over the weekend. Although he’s only a sophomore, he should be expected to emerge as a key piece for this group. Habenicht provides an excellent shooting presence from the perimeter, showing the ability to hit open shots or highly difficult jumpers at a consistent rate.

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