Gritty, tough, and explosive are some words that you hear thrown around when describing the Brand X team. They have lots of length, play hard defense, and rebound. They are the type of team that the shoe sponsored teams hate seeing in a non-sponsored event.

Even with the hard-hitting tough level of play, what sticks out the most about this Brand-X team is their explosion. They have players, you have not heard of (YET), across the floor that can rise up and put it on your head.

6’6” Javontae Milner, 6’2” Zavian Jackson, and 6’5” Rashad Dixon are three (3) of these guys. Milner and Jackson are both juniors at 2A Cummings High School in Burlington, North Carolina. Dixon is a sophomore at 3A Southern Durham in Durham, North Carolina. All three (3) are NC Top 80 alums, and all three (3) are guys that need to get on local colleges recruiting radars, ASAP.

Milner is a junk yard dog who floats between being called a power wing and a mis-match four. He is a very good rebounder, has touch beyond the arc, and handles the ball well in transition. Throughout the David Rose Memorial Day Classic, Milner averaged a double double.

Jackson is a high flying shooting guard. Check out his must see highlight video here. At 6’2” Jackson doesn’t quite know how could he could be. He has quick feet, and when he stays engaged, is a lock down on-ball defender. Offensively, Jackson is more than just above the rim, he has a solid jump shot and good wing handle.

Dixon stands 6’5” as a sophomore but also boasts a 6’11” wing span. His game is very similar to former North Carolina prepster (and current Atlanta Hawk) Kent Bazemore. He defends multiple positions, and packs on defensive stats with blocks, deflections, and steals. Like Jackson, Dixon is also a high flying athlete, who has at least one monster dunk in traffic per game. At the David Rose Memorial Day Classic he caught a 6’11” post sleeping.

My humble advice to college coaches, put this team on your radar as a must see. They have guys who’s skill sets translate. They will be playing at the Phenom Champions Classic, Chris Paul Live, and Phenom Summer Havoc in July.

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