This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled to Bermuda Run (and Spartanburg) to host another event loaded with next-level talent. Between the prospects, competition, and college coaches in the building, there was a lot of notable takeaways. We were able to get our first look at several programs while getting more familiar with those who have already played over the last month. The three-day stretch offered countless prospects worthy of attention, but this article will look at a few personal favorites…

5’10 ’25 MJ Williams (Team Trezz)

In a time where so many ball-handling guards are obsessed with high scoring totals, MJ Williams’ identity and approach are incredibly refreshing. Between his high IQ, rugged defensive nature, and brilliance as a creator, Williams is truly capable of dominating his assignment on both ends of the floor. He’s extremely quick and, accompanied with his tight handle, is very difficult for opponents to keep in front. Williams touches the paint seemingly whenever he desires, showing the ability to finish through contact or make precise passes to set up others. He scores the ball at a healthy rate from all levels, highlighting polish, craftiness, and deep range, but consistently hunts for the best available shot. Defensively, Williams is a monster. He’s so quick, physical, and truly mirrors opponents at the point of attack. He’s able to frequently outwork opponents for rebounds and loose balls while forcing turnovers at a quality rate. Stamina is not usually something that stands out, as most of these guys are in such great shape, but Williams’ ability to play basically the entire game at maximum effort is very impressive. The scoring was noteworthy, but his elite defense, playmaking, and overall leadership should capture the attention of scholarship-level coaches.

6’5 ’25 Isaiah Denis (Team CP3)

It’s always interesting to examine when everything starts coming together for a prospect, and that seems to be the case with Isaiah Denis. Fresh off a state championship, the 6-foot-5 skilled, athletic wing prospect joined this group and is already shining as a focal point. Denis stood out as an offensive centerpiece, showcasing the necessary polish, aggression, and consistency to burden the scoring load for extended stretches. He’s comfortable in several different roles. Denis is a useful creator off the bounce, but knows how to find opportunities as a cutter and spot-up threat. Although he’s been trending upward for the recent months, it’s clear that he’s ready to take yet another step within his progression. Denis made a quality impact defensively, applied pressure in transition, and set up others whenever possible. He possesses excellent feel and instincts on both ends of the floor. It was easy to appreciate Team CP3’s balanced scoring approach, but Denis will certainly need to provide a meaningful scoring punch for this group to maximize their ceiling. Folks can expect his recruitment to take off sooner than later.

6’8 ’25 Isaac Ericksen (SW15H Elite)

The SW15H Elite program as a whole has taken a major step forward since coming together merely one summer ago, and Isaac Ericksen is a massive reason why. Though the entire roster should be prioritized by scholarship-level programs, Ericksen is clearly the focal point of this group. He’s a highly skilled forward with excellent length, fluidity, and scoring prowess. Ericksen is a quality scorer from all levels, yet understands how to mix it up at a frequent rate while still getting his teammates involved. His offensive versatility makes him a particularly challenging assignment for most opponents. Ericksen spaces the floor, attacks the basket, and scores with efficiency from the midrange. His polish allows him to consistently take whatever the defense gives him, but he’s more than capable of taking what he wants. Ericksen is a useful defender and rebounder who utilizes his length well to be disruptive. It would be shocking if he didn’t receive a lot of offers over these next few months.

6’9 ’27 CJ Rosser (Team United)

Although there were a lot of enticing young players, CJ Rosser the most impressive long-term prospect in the building. Far from a finished product, Rosser already showcases frequent flashes of being a walking mismatch. Standing at 6-foot-9, his combination of fluidity, athleticism, and ability is highly uncommon—much less at 15 years of age. Rosser possesses quality feel on both ends of the floor. He utilizes his long arms and high motor to fly around defensively, blocking shots, forcing turnovers, and consistently deterring opponents from attacking. Rosser swatted several shots along the interior and perimeter while staying engaged as a rebounder. He highlighted really impressive capabilities from beyond the arc. Rosser’s mechanics, release point, and ability to hit jumpers off the catch, standstill, or movement makes it easy to see him becoming an elite shooting theat. He appeared comfortable attacking off the bounce, making routine passes, and capitalizing on second-chance opportunities around the basket. Right now, it’s difficult to envision a scenario where he’s anything other than special. Should Rosser continue to add strength and progress, he will absolutely be one of the top prospects in the country.

6’3 ’26 Braxton Davis (NC Spartans)

While we could easily recognize several different players from this team or organization, Braxton Davis deserves acknowledgement for his atypical identity as an absolute workhorse. There just aren’t very many players like him anymore. Davis is a tough, rugged, blue-collar guy who simply outworks everyone on the court. It doesn’t matter if his assignment is five or more inches taller, Davis is going to find a way to give him problems. He finishes well around the basket and makes smart passes, but truly doesn’t need touches to make an impact. Davis is a great screener with the ability to pop or roll. He rebounds the ball extremely well, especially for his size, and runs the floor effectively in transition. Davis plays with a nonstop motor and consistently looks to make hustle plays or do the dirty work. His game is truly a perfect fit with the rest of this roster. Davis is the type of guy who contributes to winning.

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