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Hunter Tyson Commits to Clemson
By Jamie Shaw

Clemson first saw Tyson at the 2016 Summer Havoc Live in Spartanburg, SC. Head Coach Brad Brownell followed him around to multiple games, playing with PSB Elite, and offered Tyson soon thereafter loving what he saw.

From that point, Tyson claimed offers from the likes of Michigan, Butler, Tennessee, DePaul, Wake Forest, Providence and a host of others. However, throughout it all, Clemson was there. We first watched Tyson as a 15u player, playing for PSB-Daughton. At that time he was a 6’5” player who was forced to do it all on his team.

Fast forward, and we have seen Tyson countless times, throughout high school, camps and the travel ball process. He has continued to get better and better each time he steps on the court. Now a senior, he stands a lengthy 6’8” with the ability to handle, shoot and pass the ball.

Tyson joins North Carolina 4-star John Newman in Clemson’s 2018 class.

Let’s see what we have said about Tyson throughout numerous Phenom Hoops’ Events…

2015 Fall NC Phenom Exposure Camp

No. 220 6’5” 2018 Hunter Tyson (Piedmont HS)
Hunter Tyson is a highly skilled and fundamentally sound player that can so a lot of things on the basketball court. The multi-skilled wing was consistent throughout the day. Coach Stywall stated,
“Hunter was knocking down jump shots and showed the ability to put the ball on the floor. He was efficient getting to the rim and finish with contact. Hunter is a player with a high basketball IQ that picks his spots well.” Overall, Hunter has good length and quick feet that allows him to get deflections and block shots. Avg. 13 PPG
2016 NC Top 80 Exposure Camp

No. 79 6’6 ’18 Hunter Tyson (Piedmont)
Hunter Tyson is a name you will be hearing a lot more about in the near future. He came into the camp with little to no hype, but quickly changed that attitude with his impressive play. Coach Freddy Johnson stated it best, “Hunter was one of the best all around players at the camp. He was a big surprise.” In addition to his overall skill set, Hunter plays the game with a high basketball IQ and advanced understanding of the game. Simply put, there are not many things this young man excels at on the court. Hunter is such a smart basketball player and will be one to put in your SIM CARD.
2017 NC Top 80 Exposure Camp

#113: 6’8 ’18 Hunter Tyson of Piedmont (Monroe)
Finishing up with a player whose recruiting buzz has skyrocketed over the last year and will only continue to trend upward, Hunter Tyson. Right now, he’s somewhat of a positionless player. Tyson has the shooting, ball handling and playmaking ability of a guard but stands at six-foot-eight and can simply demolish a wide array of opponents on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he’s a matchup nightmare. Tyson is three-level scorer, armed with a smooth jumper and high IQ; he can score whenever he wants, simply put. On the defensive end, he uses his length and positioning effectively, allowing him to consistently force turnovers. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as he may not be done growing and a head start on filling out his frame would be beneficial. Coach Mills on Tyson: “Hunter is a long, skilled basketball player. He has a high IQ and feel for the game, easy to see on either end of the floor. He has loads of potential and should be watched going forward.” He averaged 15.3 PPG during camp. Tyson is so versatile and malleable for any lineup, which is one of the many reasons he’ll have college coaches lining up to offer him a scholarship.

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