Phenom Hoops Exposure
Part 1 – Baselines Full College Coaches
By Jamie Shaw

There is a reason Phenom Hoops is a nationally trusted in providing exposure for prospective basketball players. Our platform of success is solely based on providing players as much exposure as we possibly can. In this day and age, there are many forms of exposure out there, some are apparent to the casual viewer and some may be a little more hidden to even the experienced basketball aficionado.

In this 4-part series we wanted to go through the different forms of exposure that Phenom Hoops excels at providing. There are many avenues of getting seen, of gaining maximum exposure and the Phenom Hoops exposure platform is something that is looked at by college coaches and scouts across the country.

Let’s start this four-part series with the most obvious form of exposure, our baselines are full of college coaches. As the majority reading this article know, travel ball season is broken up in five live periods, 2 in April and 3 in July. These “live periods” are the days which college coaches are allowed to travel into a gym and see a player in person. These are 5 of the most important periods in a basketball prospect’s year.

The 2 periods in April are each 3 days long (6 total days) and the 3 periods in July are each 5 days long (15 total days). That means that from March until October, Division 1 coaches are only able to watch players for 21 total days. As we said earlier, these 21 days are paramount in the recruiting process.

It is important that teams, and players, go to events where coaches will be. Each Division 1 staff only has 4 coaches who are able to be on the road during these 21 days. So each coaches time is carefully calculated and spent wisely. With so many travel ball tournaments going on, a coach can be stretched thin and leave many events out.

In April, Phenom Hoops had over 200 coaches come to Phenom’s Challenge and another 100+ come to the 4th Annual Grassroots Tip Off Live. In July the Summer Havoc had over 250 coaches while Phenom’s Stay Positive had 200+ and Phenom’s Southern Jam at just over 150 coaches who sat baseline. In total, around 900 college coaches came to Phenom Hoops 2017 Live Period events. That is 900+ sets of eyes, 900+ opportunities, 900+ college coaches who have the ability to offer any prospect they watch an opportunity to play at their collegiate program.

This is the most obvious form of exposure as it is tangible, anyone can walk into any of Phenom Hoops’ events and visibly see the amount of coaches watching. College coaches come from across the country to see the talent Phenom Hoops’ events. In 2016, 31 out of 32 total Division 1 Conferences attended a Phenom Hoops’ Live travel ball event. This accounted for over 75% of total Division 1 schools, sitting baseline, watching the talent. Again, this is a staggering number.

That is just the start of it, the mentioned above are Division 1 Live periods. Division 2 Live Periods are more lenient, as they are able to be on the road for long and more periods of time (Division 3 and Junior College coaches are allowed to be on the road at all times).

Throughout the year, Phenom Hoops hosts 30 events. Every event hosted has college coaches who attend. This is one of our biggest and most determined platforms. We feel that putting players in front of college coaches is the most direct way to get a player recruited. We heavily advertise to coaches at the Division1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and Junior College levels to attend as many of our events as possible, and they do.

There are 138 colleges with basketball programs within a 4 hour drive of Greensboro, North Carolina. For the most part, this covers the entirety of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and it dips into parts of Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee. There is no question, this is a staggering amount of schools; more so this is a staggering amount of opportunities for all prospects attending Phenom Hoops’ events.

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