2020/2021 Prospects MMs-HMs Need to Get a Start On
Phenom’s Southern Jam LIVE
By Jamie Shaw

During the live period the 16s and 17s age groups typically get most of the attention, however we would not be doing our jobs effectively if we did not let the coaches know about the incredibly high level of talent we have coming to Phenom’s Southern Jam Live in the 9th and 10th grades. There are numerous players who will surly end up at the Power 5 level.

Here is a listing of a few players mid to high major D1 college coaches should peak their heads in and get a look at this weekend.

6’6” 2020 Dillon Jones
Upward Stars SE (SC)

Jones is a big bodied forward who displays an excellent skill set. He is his high school team’s (Keenan HS made it to the SC state championship game last year) leading rebounder as well as their secondary ball handler in the half court. He is very strong and produces big numbers against players older than him. He carries an early SC State offer, that list will grow soon enough.

6’ 2020 Jalen Coit
Upward Stars SE (SC)

As a freshman, the crafty lefty finished 3rd in the state of South Carolina in scoring going for over 25 per game. He has good length with quick hands on defense and on offense he is able to get where he wants on the floor, with touch and range. Plainly said, Coit can put up buckets.

6’5” 2021 Jalen McDonald
Boo Williams NC

McDonald has a unique skill set, one that is well beyond his years. The lefty is highly explosive, hunting massive dunks in traffic. However, it is his natural skill set in the half court that really puts him above his peers. McDonald has a good handle to go along with high level vision across the court. McDonald has range extending well beyond the 3-point line. He is tracking as a highest level type recruit, and one that coaches will need to get on early.

6’10” 2021 John Butler
Team United (NC)

Butler has great size and length to go along with his advanced coordination and skill set. He still need to add strength, but he is very fluid in his movements and is an active rebounder and shot blocker. Butler comes by his skill set honestly as his mother played at the University of South Carolina. His upside is clear and if he continues on this same path his recruiting shaping up to go at the highest level.

6’8” 2020 PJ Hall
Upward Stars Upstate (SC) White

Hall’s mother and father both played basketball in college, his sister was recently named Max Preps National volleyball player of the year. So he has basketball and athletics deeply entrenched in his blood. With that said, Hall is his own person and forging a path directly toward a big time basketball prospect. He stands 6’8” and has soft touch and good athleticism. He finishes well in the half court, runs the floor very well in transition and has great timing on defense. Watch him closely, he has major upside.

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