Phenom Hoops Reports recently wrote about 2017 guard Thomas Allen from Garner High School in North Carolina. A talented prospect that can do several things on the floor (score, facilitate, and much more), Phenom Hoops is expecting a big year coming up for him.

Not holding an offer before, it was only a matter of time before a program would come around to give him his first chance to play Division I basketball under a scholarship, and that day came last week for him.

North Dakota offered Allen last week and he spoke to us about his first offer.

“We were talking about offers (Allen and the North Dakota coaching staff) and I was telling them how I didn’t have any. Then they said that they would be happy to be your first scholarship.”

Allen informed that he hasn’t heard to much about the program until last week when they offered him but the coaching staff was blown away with what he can do on the floor and want him to come in and play right away.

Not knowing to much early on about the program, he has done his research and knows that North Dakota does play a lot of top-tier teams in the country like Wisconsin, Kansas State, Florida Gulf Coast, and North Iowa in their non-conference schedule.

As far as a visit, that could still come but the travel is far from North Carolina to North Dakota. But those plans have not been finalized or planned yet.

But no matter what, Allen is on the board with his first offer. Phenom Hoops has seen him multiple times before and have been impressed with his development on the court, so we certainly expect to hear more recruiting news coming his way down the road.

Allen is ranked No. 9 in the 2017 North Carolina rankings by Phenom Hoops.

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