Team 1: Ben Stywall

No. 62 5’7 ’19 Jordan Cooper (SE Raleigh)

Jordan demonstrated a tremendous work ethic throughout the day. Somewhat undersized currently, but that didn’t stop him from making a big impact. Jordan is wired to score and can score from all levels on the court. Coach Stywall stated, “Jordan is a very talented guard with a nice offensive package. He showed the ability to break his man down and finish in the lane. He was also effective from the midrange out to the 3-point line.” Overall, Jordan has outstanding quickness and nice handles, but we were more impressed with his ability to put constant ball pressure on the opposing player. In our opinion, he has the opportunity to be a lock down defender. Avg. 12.3 PPG

No. 64 5’9 ’19 Nathan Yow (Southern Lee)

Nathan is a high IQ and fundamentally sound player. Currently, his strongest attribute is his ability to shoot efficiently from the 3-point line. He has a quick release and excellent footwork in preparing for his shot. “Coach Stywall stated, “Nathan is a knockdown 3-pointer shooter and has outstanding range. He moved well without the ball and played well within the team structure.” The next step in his development is to work on creating his own shot off the dribble and diversifying his offensive moves. Overall, Nathan demonstrated a great attitude and team first approach the entire day. Avg. 7.7 PPG

No. 126 6’0 ’17 Demetrius Jones (Fayetteville Academy)

Right off the bat, we were impressed with his quickness and great court vision. Demetrius made one play after another for himself as well as his teammates. “ Coach Stywall stated, “Demetrius was able to knock down shots on a consistent basis and break his man down off the dribble.” Overall, Demetrius has the length and quickness to be an outstanding defensive player. He was able to put tough defensive pressure throughout the day. Avg. 9.3 PPG

No. 178 6’2 ’17 Garren Dearman (Southern Guilford)

Garren showed an all around game. We were impressed with his playmaking ability, timely passes and execution in the half court. Coach Stywall stated, “Garren is a very good 3-point shooter both off the catch and when setting his man off the dribble. He shoots the ball with confidence and range.” Overall, the next step is to enhance his midrange and work on his off hand. Defensively, he has quick feet and great anticipation. Avg. 11.3 PPG

No. 183 6’3 ’19 Traegen Smith (Wakefield)

Traegen is a blue-collar worker who will maximize effort and energy in every game. He’s not afraid to do the little things that make a team successful. Coach Stywall stated, “Traegen rebounded well from the wing spot and knocked down shots on a consistent basis. Defensively, Traegen has long arms and moves his feet well which allows him to be a disruptive defender.” Overall, we really liked his approach to the game. He brought a winner’s attitude that was very contagious. Avg. 7.3 PPG

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