Team 1: Ed Addie


No. 123 5’8 ’20 Marcus Burroughs (Durham, NC)

Marcus is a team player and demonstrated an excellent attitude throughout the entire day. He has solid shooting mechanics and feels more comfortable attacking the rim. Coach Addie stated, “Marcus is very good at getting to the basket.The next step in his development is to play with more confidence which will come in due time. Marcus did rebound the ball well for his position.

No. 173 6’0 ’20 Jake Brockmann (Matthews, NC)

Jake is the consummate team player. He exemplifies unselfishness along with a great attitude. His work ethic was off the chart and made a quick impression on us. Coach Addie stated, “Jake is a true team player. He plays hard and does a lot of plays that leads to positive outcome for his team. He has a very solid jump shot with good form. ” The next step in his development is to increase lateral quickness and footwork.

No. 175 6’0 ’20 Quintin Crawford (Columbia, SC)

Quintin has really good fundamentals and a high basketball IQ. He simply understands the game particularly well for his age/grade. We were impressed with his overall effort and team play. Coach Addie stated, “Quintin has good basketball knowledge. He rebounds well and gets to the basket. He has the ability to finish rim! More importantly, Quintin is very coachable.” We also liked how Quintin moved without the ball.

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