Bigs come at a premium, especially versatile ones who are able to to multiple things on both ends of the floor. Well Holly Springs High School has two of them.

One is late blooming, but quickly rising Kadin Shedrick. The 6’11” Virginia signee who has a 7’4″ wing span. The other is 6’6″ junior Kaleb Scott, who carries a 7′ wing span. Yes, both players are being recruited at the high major level and both players best basketball is ahead of them.

This game was a blow out conference win over a team who is in the top half of the conference. UVa fans, you got a good one coming! It will be interesting to watch Scott over the next year and see how he develops.

Also, Garrett Phillips (Hampden Sydney), Marcus Elliott, Matt Willadsen (NC State baseball) and Donte Kiesenhofer are all college level players as well. Watch and ENJOY!!