Stay Positive Game Recap

Court:     1                                             Time: 4 pm Game

Final Score:  NC Empire 77, Ground Work 74

Leading Scorers:

NC Empire: Leo Antrane 20, Julius Peacock 22

Ground Work: Brady Rankin 34, Jack McErlean 11, CJ Johnson 17

Player/Game Notes:
Final game of the day. Both teams came in on tired legs yet came alive when the ball went up. Neither team really got much separation as the game was tight for most of the game. That is until the 2nd half came around. The 3 ball would not fall for Ground Work and Empire would open up a 10 point lead early in the half. From there they would hold the lead to the end going home with the win. Player notes are as follows:

Leo Antrane, 6’3 2021 G with NC Empire – Solid weekend all the way around from this young man. Talent is here worth developing. Just scratching the surface.

Julius Peacock, 6’6 2021 F with NC Empire – Another game, another solid showing. Baby big’s development will be worth tracking.

Brady Rankin, 6’2021 G with Ground Work – Each time we saw him go he gave us a good game. Good compete level accentuates blooming skill set.

Jack McErlean, 6’1 2022 G with Ground Work – One of the younger dudes in this weekends event. Showed well each time we saw him go. Will need to add weight and get stronger on the ball. Has a good shot though and could develop beyond the catch and shoot role.