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Southern Jam Live: July 28-30

    Coaches Information

    ALL coaches must FIRST obtain their USAB Gold License ( AND then register in the BBCS ( BEFORE participating in this event. ALL athletes must be registered in the BBCS BEFORE they can participate in this event. Directions for adult account creation are on page 38 of the ECAG user manual and athlete account creation directions are on page 31 of the ECAG user manual. You can find this manual online at:

    Event Info/ Documents

    College Coaches Registration

    CONTACT: TREY (Recruitify)
    Phone: 336-689-1677

    D1: $275.00                                Non D1: $150.00
    Additional: $150.00                      Additional: $50.00

      Recent Info/ Articles

      This event closes our doors for the Grassroots season. Last year this event saw some of the highest profile head coaches gather along our sidelines, to get their last evaluation of some of the best talent around.