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Scouts Focus AA Camp Part II

Scouts Focus AA Camp Part II


6’8 2015 Hassan Thomas of Woodrow Wilson HS in Dallas, TX

Thomas is a strong physically mature PF that is a willing and relentless rebounder on both ends of the court. While he gets plenty of hustle points in the paint, we like his ability to step out and hit the midrange jumper off the dribble. His power moves in the paint are spot on and can beat you in so many ways. We liked his work ethic and intensity level during the camp. Thomas plays AAU ball with the Dallas Mustangs and will be a hot commodity for mid major and above schools. Jamie Shaw stated, “Hassan has a lot of skills working in his favor. He can face up and attack the basket with a crafty handle, athleticism and length. Thomas shoots the ball with touch and defends both the perimeter and the post with equal success. He rebounds the ball well and can push the break with a controlled dribble.” The big question will be his long term position and if he continues to tighten up his perimeter skills and find a more consistent jump shot, then the physically mature Thomas will be entertaining high major offers. Currently, he is getting mid to high major interest.

6’4 2016 Adrian Moore of North Little Rock HS in Little Rock, AR

Moore was one of the better players in attendance at the Scouts Focus AA Camp and we really liked the combination of his skill set along with freakiest athleticism. The physically mature Moore simply makes the most of his quickness and leaping ability as he was constantly attacking the basket with impressive power dunks. Jamie Shaw stated, “ Moore is a supreme athlete that is fantastic in transition and when he is attacking the basket. He attacks the rim with great vigor and bad intentions. He had multiple dunks in traffic and playing way above the rim. He did show some touch from range. Moore, a lefty is a good one on one defender and even better attacking the passing lanes. It is easy to see what all the hype is about.” The next step for Moore is to develop more consistency with his jumper. According to Moore, Baylor and Arkansas have both offered the talented young guard.

6’9 2014 Aaron Ariri of Grassroots Canada

Ariri attended St. Anthony’s HS in New Jersey last year and will be looking to find a new home this coming year. He has a physically mature body and his strength and athleticism are more advanced than his current skill set. That being said, it is hard for a low to mid major school to pass up on a physical specimen such as Ariri. Jamie Shaw stated it best, “This kid walks onto the court looking the part. He has broad shoulders with well-built long arms hanging down. Once on the court, Ariri has a huge motor and tracks the ball at a high level. He does all the little dirty work; he defends, rebounds, screens, and crashes the boards. He does a great job of finishing within 10 feet with his strong hands and springy legs.”  While Ariri does have a few back to the basket moves, we would like to see him be more skilled opening up to the basket and be able to put the ball on the floor with a power dribble move. 

5’10 2015 Justin Jenifer of Milford Mill HS, MD (pictured above)

Without question, Jenifer is one of the more talented PG’s in the 2015 class. He has elite level ball handling and passing skills and is just as interested in making he assist as scoring a bucket. The quick on quick PG has a nasty cross over and reverse spin move ika Tony Parker. The ball is simply on a string and his ability to make plays out of nothing was sensational. Jamie Shaw stated, “Jenifer is an uber exciting player to watch. Once he steps onto the court you will know within a minute that he has complete control of the game and what is going on. He has incredible hands and the knack for finding open teammates with touch and precision. The southpaw has the ability to knock down the open 3 and can get into the lane with ease. His quickness, long arms and sturdy built can take a beating (which he took).” Jenifer is receiving high major interest/offers and according to many sources was visiting UVA while in Charlottesville. Jenifer plays for Team Takeover and should become a high priority for 2015 PG’s.

6’4 2014 Zach Hodskins of Milton HS, GA

I have read the stories and watched the You Tube highlights of 6’4 Zach Hodskins plenty of times, but still didn’t quite believe how talented this young man truly is until you have a chance to watch him play in person. You see, Hodskin’s has only one hand, his right hand. It was both rewarding and yes refreshing to watch his young man overcome all the physical handicaps of playing with just one arm/hand.

Please take the time to watch these videos and let it be an inspiration to you. While he may have a physical limitation, the young man has game, he can play. Hodskins’ has a beautiful jump shot and his backspin and rotation is picture perfect. While so many players try to over play his right hand, he is so crafty with his ability to handle the ball that it doesn’t create a disadvantage for him on the court. He plays with a high motor and has the ability to play at the next level. Without question, the young man has heart, but also has game!

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