The Queen City Middle School Showcase brings a fantastic event to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, giving families, friends, and fans a chance to see the next upcoming talent around the area.   

Every year, players and teams showcase their abilities in front of hundreds of fans and scouts with Phenom Hoops.  It is also a chance to learn early and gain national exposure at an early age, as highlights, social media posts, write-ups and photos will all be part of this great event. 

Phenom Hoop Report does believe in providing a great platform for teams, which is why we want to provide a little team preview heading into the event.  If you would like to still register for the event, please click here: Queen City Middle School Showcase

Carolina Bad Boyz 12u 

Coach: Blake Walker

Here are players to watch for at the Queen City Middle School Showcase on February 23-24. 

Landon Wilson (2025, Guard, 4’9)/ NC Jr. Phenom write-up: Starting things off, we look at a player that displayed a great motor and overall approach to the game, Landon Wilson. He’s a guard prospect that brings excellent energy to both sides of the floor. He attacked the basket hard and finished well through contact. Wilson knocked down open shots in transition and did a nice job of containing his assignment on defense. He forced numerous turnovers and willingly passed ahead to teammates. Next in his development process continuing to add strength, as it’ll allow him to better utilize his quality all-around skillset. Coach Carpenter on Wilson: “Landon plays hard and commits to defense. He passes well and sees everyone on the floor. His hustle on the court is infectious. Landon is going to be a great player with continued work.” Wilson worked hard during his time at camp and should continuing honing his two-way skillset, as he could become a nice player in time.

Tristan Thompson (2025, Forward, 5’8)/ SC Jr. Phenom write-up: Moving onto a player that provided fantastic effort on both sides of the ball and gave great attitude throughout camp, Tristan Thompson. He’s fairly big for his age and position, allowing him to absorb contact and draw plenty of fouls around the basket. Thompson plays hard and is willing to defend, which can be a hassle for most sixth-grade prospects. He attacks opponents well off the bounce and did a solid job of running the floor in transition. Next in his development process is continuing to polish his overall skillset, as he has the tools to become a very intriguing player. Coach English on Thompson: “Tristan was one of the hardest workers on the team and was always looking to make a play, especially on defense. He didn’t back down from any challenge, which was impressive for a young man of his age. It’ll be fun to watch him grow over these next three years before high school.” As coach said, Thompson will definitely be one to keep an eye on for the foreseeable future.

Lennix Valarei (2025, Guard, 5’0)/ NC Jr. Phenom write-up: Lennix is a very athletic and explosive player for his age/grade. He has a quick first step and ability to finish at the rim. While Lennix is a solid scorer, we were equally impressed with his tenacity on the defensive end of the court. Coach Allen stated, “Lennix had the ability to make the step back jumper and is a triple threat position scorer. He has a knack for getting 50/50 balls and doesn’t mind mixing it up on defense. He made it difficult for the opposing player to score.”

Nicholas Mason (2025, Guard, 4’5)/ NC Jr. Phenom write-up: Starting things off, we look at a player that provided his team with a strong leadership presence throughout camp, Nicholas Mason. He’s a point guard with nice quickness and deep shooting range. He won our Mr. Station award due to his constant communication on the bench, both sides of the ball, and during the drills portion of the day. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it will allow him to penetrate inside and absorb contact around the basket. Coach Lindell on Mason: “Nicholas has a super attitude and is quick as lighting. He uses either hand well when dribbling in transition. His midrange to three-point shot is decent, but he needs to establish taking good shots and making smart decisions. Nicholas sees the floor well and can pass with either hand. He needs more team focus to make his teammates better. He can become a really good point guard.” Mason made a strong impression from the beginning of camp and should continue working to maximize his abilities.