Upward Stars Lakelands

5’5 ’24 Nate Moore- The lead guard was arguably the most consistent performer for this Upward Stars team, given the way he passed and scored the ball. Moore was able to score on all three levels, but also showed a willingness to make plays for others whenever possible. He was great at entering the paint and making the correct read.


Grindhouse Lakers

6’0 ’24 Ahkym Smith- The post prospect was quite impressive throughout the first showing of the day, given the way he controlled the interior on both sides of the ball. He rebounded the ball extremely well and ran the floor with purpose. Smith possesses quality feel around the basket and displays touch with either hand. He plays quite hard and understands how to make his presence felt.


5’11 ’24 Julian Mack- There’s already a lot to like with Mack, who is a long, wiry two-way guard that is capable of filling it up. He scored the ball with efficiency from inside the arc, but also knocked down a three-pointer and showed his ability to draw fouls when attacking the basket. Mack did a great job of leading the offense and making smart reads with the ball in his hands.


CC Elite 2022

5’11 ’22 AJ Cook- The well-rounded point guard was the main creator for this team, given the way he consistently got in the open court and made plays for himself and others. He showed the ability to score from all three levels and did so with great efficiency. Cook does a terrific job of playing within himself and the team concept.


Carolina Snipers Elite

6’4 ’22 Ethan Dugat- The strong-bodied big man was among the most intriguing prospects on this Snipers Elite, given the way he controlled the inside action and worked around the basket. He utilizes his body well to create space and score, but also does a great job of rebounding the ball.


NC Ice

6’5 ’21 Treyvon Byrd- The long, wiry forward was tremendous for most of this contest, especially considering how much he affected the two-way action. Byrd rebounded the ball really well and was able to push transition play whenever he desired, which led to an abundance of fast break points. He handles the ball pretty well for his size and is capable of making quality passes to open teammates. Byrd is still truly only beginning to tap into his upside.


Team CP3

5’11 ’22 Khalil Marshall- The quick, scrappy point guard prospect is among the most polished scorers and playmakers on this talented roster. Marshall scores the ball with great poise and efficiency on all three levels. He’s very smart with the ball in his hands, which allows him to navigate and get wherever he wants on the court. Marshall is excellent


6’3 ’22 Chase Lowe- The strong, athletic wing prospect was easily among the top contributors from this contest, given the motor he operated with from start to finish. Lowe didn’t necessarily look to score, because he did such a great job of letting the game naturally flow to him. He did everything at a pretty strong rate, from rebounding to defending to forcing turnovers and pushing the break. Lowe has a bright future, especially if he continues to expand going forward.


PSB Charlotte UA

5’0 ’24 Zehren Hilton- Though somewhat undersized, the point guard prospect has looked terrific running the show for this PSB squad throughout the weekend. He’s known for his ability to shoot the ball, but he’s also showcased an excellent IQ and playmaking sense as a floor general. That being said, Hilton still highlighted his ability to score with efficiency.