It is finally here.  The AAU season kicks off in style with Phenom Hoops, as we head to Greensboro to open the season with the Phenom Opening. Players of all ages will come to North Carolina in hopes to compete and start the season off.

This will be a CAN’T MISS EVENT, as we may have never started off the season with this much talent on so many levels.  That is why we are hoping to get everyone excited as much as we are.  Get to the event early, as we expect this event to be a packed house.

To start the buzz around the Phenom Opening, Phenom Hoops is providing a small preview of players to watch for at the event.  Check out the names below.

Team: Raleigh Raiders

Team 12U

2025 Cam’ren Reyes / Height: 5‘5 Position: PG/ SG

Coaches Talk: combo guard plays hard on both ends and is a solid playmaker with good vision and a jumper. The kid is tough enough as he can play the 1, 2, and 3 position. He is fun to watch.

2025 Marcel Freeman / Height: 5’6 Position: SG/ SF

Coaches Talk: this kid’s speed and strength allow him to play in the paint comfortably but he is also a knockdown shooter with a great IQ. Freeman is a great defensive presence, as he leads his team in steals in every game. Marcel is a kid that can go for 20 in any game.

Team 16U

2021 T.J. Walton / Height: 5’11 Position: PG/ SG

Coaches Talk: Walton is a coach’s dream PG who is a great playmaker, hardnose defender, a player with Curry-like range and accuracy. He can also go get one in the paint when needed; exciting player to watch.

2021 Malachi Barton / Height: 6’0 Position: SG

Coaches Talk: Barton can flat out go on both ends, as this kid’s energy is infectious. He can go for 20 in a heartbeat, has great handles with next level speed and strength to finish through.