Shamarr Yates 6’2 175 2020 First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach VA

Shamarr is easily one of the best scorers in the 757 and an amazingly efficient shooter with prolific scoring ability. He is strong and athletic, smart and skilled. A big time scorer; he’s averaging 25ppg, recently scored a career high 34 points in a game and has scored 30 or more points on four occasions this season! Shamarr has the ability to hit shots from all over the court and his scoring prowess puts a lot of pressure on defenses as his ability to space the floor makes his teammates more effective. Shamarr shows an excellent shooting form with a quick release and the ability to spot up and shoot or hit shots off the dribble with amazing consistency. He is fearless on the floor, oozes with confidence and plays under control. He wants the ball in clutch situations and has hit big shots time and again despite double teams and the best efforts of defenses designed to keep him contained. He has a killer instinct and seems to step his game up in clutch situations! Shamarr can get any shot he wants from anywhere on the floor whether driving to the rim or attacking seams for the pull up jumper or relocating on the perimeter he has a knack for getting to his spots and delivering. He doesn’t need much space to get his shot off as he always catches the ball shot ready and has a quick, high release. Shamarr understands how to read defenses and is masterful at moving off the ball, spacing and positioning. His off the ball game is a clinic on how to play without the ball as he is so intelligent in his movements! He uses fades, is able to get into gaps, he knows how to move between screens, makes crisp, decisive cuts and has the ability to lose his man as he sprints through his cuts. In every game he plays he’s the most active player on the floor, constantly moving to find space and score off the pass! In addition to being strong, fast and having a quick release, his basketball IQ makes him special. He is so good at rolling off screens and hitting the open jumper. Has picture perfect form, a lightning quick release and gets great elevation on his shot. He has great touch around the rim and endures contact nicely, gets to the free throw line frequently and is automatic from there. Shamarr has solid ball skills and can also beat defenders to the rim and create opportunities off the dribble. He utilizes crossovers, behind the back dribbles and occasional change of speeds to get into the lane where he can hit the pull up jumper, finish at the rim or hit the floater. He uses jabs nicely against closeouts, plays on balance and is very good hitting 1 and 2 dribble pull-ups going right or left when run off the three point arc. He uses low aggressive rip throughs to back his defender off and elevates quickly into his shot when an inch of space is gained. His ball handling arsenal includes basic crossovers, through the legs dribble moves, behind the back and inside out dribbles to keep his defender on his heels and can shoot off those dribble moves or attack with a quick and powerful first step able to get to the rim or stop on a dime and elevate into the pullup jumper. Shamarr is good at changing speed and direction and handles the ball well enough to be a primary ball handler when needed. He has great vision while driving to the basket and does a very good job distributing the basketball, a solid decision maker. Another key to his success is his great conditioning and work ethic. Shamarr never appears tired despite staying in constant motion offensively and still being an active and impactful defensive presence. Shamarr is a solid defender with good instincts especially with his anticipation for steals. He has very good lateral quickness and a strong upper body allowing him to contain the dribble. He pursues lose balls and rebounds always hunting for extra possessions for his team and plays with great energy on both ends of the floor. Shamarr is a certain next level talent and as coaches become more familiar with him you will see his recruitment take off! He is solid in the classroom and is a highly regarded teammate demonstrating great communication and leadership skills. He’s a must see for college coaches visiting the 757!