Ryan Smith 5’8 140 2023 Norfolk Christian School, Norfolk VA

Ryan Smith is a dynamic and elusive playmaker whose ability to hit shots off the dribble from all angles is impressive. He has advanced ball skills both ball handling and passing and uses explosive starts and stops and change of direction crossover moves and looks comfortable and poised even in traffic. Ryan is crafty with the dribble using hesitations and hang dribbles and his ability to stop on a dime then explode to the rim will render defenders helpless. His starts and stops are explosive! He is a pass first playmaker and can collapse a defense and find cutters with pinpoint passes or create his own shot. Ryan’s ability to hit shots off the dribble is one of his greatest strengths and he elevates so quickly into his shot it is difficult to defend when coupled with his quick attacking style that keeps defenders on their heels. He does a great job initiating contact to create space or using step back dribble moves. Also has a great touch on his floater. His catch and shoot accuracy is also solid, his mechanics textbook and the lefty has the ability to stretch the floor with the three pointer but he’s so crafty at getting into the paint with the dribble he rarely settles for deep jumpers. Ryan’s explosiveness, even from a standstill allows him to beat defenders and get better looks in mid range areas and also makes him effective at creating for teammates. Ryan is an elite athlete with a strong upper body and powerful legs. He always seems to be in control playing with poise and confidence. He makes great decisions and sees the whole floor, has strong leadership qualities and manages the game intelligently. He can dominate isolations and in transition not only because of his quickness and handle but because of his vision and strong passing skills. He will stagger a defender with stutter steps, quick crossovers and inside out dribbles while still pushing the dribble at an often frantic pace. He is a creative finisher who can endure contact and hang in the air and get his shot off against opposing bigs. Ryan’s intensity and high motor effort benefits him defensively when coupled with his athleticism and IQ. He is a lockdown defender with cat like quickness going for steals and can dominate other ball handlers. His quickness and anticipation off the ball makes him a threat to pick off passes at any time which he quickly turns into points for his team. Few can match his energy on both ends of the floor and his advanced skill and feel can be attributed to being the son of one of the area’s most successful coaches. Ryan’s Dad, Roger Smith coaches the Wilson High School girls team which has been one of the 757’s top programs during his tenure and also coaches one of Boo Williams’ elite girls teams in AAU. He has had several players advance to play in college and continues to mentor some of the area’s top girl’s players. Ryan has a nice head start playing with an intelligence and grasp of fundamentals you rarely see in a player his age. It’s exciting to see what his future holds but all indications are he will be among the most impactful players Virginia’s 2023 class!