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Kaiser Jackson 6’3 144 2021 Great Bridge High School, Chesapeake VA

Kaiser has a terrific basketball frame; lengthy, wide shoulders long arms and legs and a skill level beyond many in his class. He demonstrates a knowledge and feel you don’t often see in a player his age and he has the athleticism to go along with those impressive traits to produce a very promising basketball prospect. He is extremely fluid for a player his size and age, possessing long strides and nice quickness getting off the floor. He handles the ball well enough to create and get to the rim and I was really impressed with his burst after a drag dribble right and quick, crisp crossover to his left and strong finish at the rim. Kaiser understands how to use his length when creating off the dribble and showed his agility and some explosiveness when he drove in space and went behind the back with the dribble showing good deceleration then erupted with a nice quick change of direction leaving his defender in his path. He finishes nicely at the rim using his length and creativity. Also a threat to knock down the three pointer off catch and shoot and off the bounce showing solid mechanics on his jumper, a quick release and good consistency. He is very capable as the primary creator when needed, using his long strides to attack in the open court leading the beak and off defensive rebounds. He also demonstrates the ability to handle the ball and operate in one on one situations in the half court. Defensively he guards everybody! He rebounded and defended inside and has the lateral quickness and length to defend guards of which I consider him to be. He has huge hands and once he gets them around the ball you ain’t taking it away from him and they come in handy blocking shots which he does well. He anticipates nicely and rotates timely and intelligently. Has great vision and court savvy. What impressed me most about Kaiser is his leadership skills and feel. I heard him three rows up in the stands calling out defensive assignments and other instructions which showed not only his leadership but his preparation. Every time someone subbed in he made a point to acknowledge them and talk, pointing and communicating. He was engaged from the bench as well, supportive. Really impressed with his communication skills and positive body language. As Kaiser’s body fills out and with what certainly suggests more vertical growth ahead, he will become an impact player in the 2021 class. He has all the tools and intangibles for bigger things on the basketball court.