DJ Cheairs 6’2 165 2021 Norfolk Christian School, Norfolk VA

DJ is a multi level scoring threat who can hit the three pointer off the catch or stepping in off the dribble or use a hesitation move and blow by his defender. He is not only effective shooting off the catch but demonstrates great touch and skill shooting off the bounce and scoring on the move. He has a compact shooting stroke which allows him to get his shot off fairly quickly. While not an explosive athlete, either in terms of his first step or explosion in the lane, DJ is very quick with the ball in his hands, thanks in large part to the excellent control he has with his dribble. He has the ability to come around the edge quickly, as well as the ability to change direction at the drop of a dime and get by his man and into the paint. He changes speeds nicely and can coast and then switch to another gear and blow by his man to the rim. From a standstill his first step is quick and powerful showing blow by ability. He employs and impressive combination of quickness and power which makes him an effective scorer off the dribble and in traffic. He has powerful legs and a strong upper body and is able to endure contact on penetration and get where he needs to on the floor or fight through contact and get to the rim where he is a very good finisher. DJ has excellent instincts as a passer, and makes good reads with the basketball, able to see a play before it develops. On the defensive side of the court he plays a tenacious pressure defense away from the basket that causes some offensive players fits. He likes to press his man all the way out to half court at times, and has the foot and hand speed to be disruptive doing so. He also likes to play physical if he can get away with it but can move his feet and contain the dribble guarding either guard position. He also does a good job of fighting through screens and of denying his man when playing off the ball. He has great instincts off the ball and is masterful at baiting an opponent into making a pass and then jumping into passing lanes for steals. He pursues lose balls and is willing to dive on the floor to possess the basketball as he brings a lot of energy on the defensive end. DJ has had several games scoring in the mid 20’s while also providing a solid defensive effort. He is a player college coaches should make note of and his tenacity makes him a player opponents are certainly aware of when preparing to face him. He’s the type of player whose scrappy two-way effort makes for a long day for whoever he’s guarding or whoever is assigned with trying to defend him. It’s going to be exciting watching his development, only a sophomore DJ ranks among the most intriguing and most talented prospects in his class in the 757!