Christian Wilson 6’0 165 2020 Highland Springs HS, Richmond VA

Christian is an exceptionally athletic guard with a strong upper body and powerful frame and he knows
how to use those physical tools to get to the rim.  He combines that strength with great quickness and end
to end speed to create matchup concerns for opposing guards.  Doesn’t take a lot of jumpers as he seems
most comfortable and is certainly effective when he generates a full head of steam either after turning the
corner or creating a seam and then exploding to the rim.  Christian has a quick initial burst and uses a low
center of gravity allowing him to turn the corner against most defenders. He gets to the rim at a good rate
and goes to the line with with good frequency for a point guard.  He has a solid handle, nothing flashy and
doesn’t use a great deal of variety to get to where he wants to go with the ball instead summoning his
physical tools to help him navigate traffic and get where he needs to with the dribble.  Christian defends
the dribble nicely displaying good mechanics and lateral quickness.  He is quick to the ball when he sees a
chance to get a steal or getting to traps.  His quickness and anticipation makes him a threat in passing
lanes.  He is a very good rebounder for his position as well.  Christian is aggressive and active
defensively, always looking for a chance to get possession of the ball and push it up the floor where he is
impressive transitioning to offense.  He makes good reads in the half court, distributes the ball nicely and
is a very good decision maker in transition.  He is speedy end to end with the dribble and keeps pressure
on the defense as a result of his quickness, strength and aggressiveness.  Christian should attract the
attention of college coaches this summer so stay tuned.  He has plenty of potential and is a solid student
carrying a 3.7 GPA which makes him a solid 2020 prospect!