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North Carolina Under the Radar camp

Without question, the state of North Carolina is a hotbed for basketball and year after year the state produces more than its fair share of elite level players. That being said, there are so many players that simply fall through the cracks and schools reach deep into the talent pool to snatch players that go on to become productive players at the D1 level. This year is no different and we wanted to give a list of players that are legit D1 prospects that should be recruited.

Player: 5’10 PG Shivaughn Wiggins
School: North Mecklenburg HS
City: Huntersville, NC
Class: 2012

Comments: Coach Duane Lewis of North Mecklenburg High School in Huntersville, North Carolina is one of the best high school basketball coaches in the state. He has produced many D1 prospects at every level and this year is no exception with his senior PG Shivaughn Wiggins. Wiggins is enjoying an outstanding start to the season. After a solid junior season where Wiggins averaged 13.3 PPG, 7.3 APG, and 3.4 steals per game, he is now playing the role of a scoring PG and a good one at that. Currently, Wiggins is averaging 25 PPG and 6.5 APG and over 3 steals per game. These statistics are outstanding for the level of competition he is playing. North Mecklenburg HS is in the 4A classification for the state of North Carolina.  Wiggins plays with a confidence that is second to none. He is a fierce competitor and will not back down from a challenge. He is an excellent on the ball defender and has quick hands and feet. He has a solid foundation of team defense and anticipates nicely for steals. On the offensive end of the court, he is an outstanding ball handler. He dribbles with a low stance and has his head always up looking for the next pass to an open teammate. He has an uncanny ability to see a play one step ahead and his advanced ball handling skills makes him one difficult player to defend. He has good ball speed and quickness and utilizes the hesitation move effectively to keep defenders off balance. He changes speed extremely well and has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble. Wiggins sports a nice mid range pull up jumper and has perfected the tear drop floater in the lane. Without question, Wiggins is a PG D1 schools should take a hard long look at, especially in the North Carolina area. If not, we will be reading about another player that was “snatched” away from his own back yard.

Player: 6’3 SG Nick Heater
School: Massanutten Military Academy
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Class: 2012 Post Graduate
Comments: Last year, Heater was the leading scorer for Northside Christian School in the NCISAA 2A classification. He averaged 14.3 PPG and led his team to the state championship against High Point Westchester which included Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello. Heater transferred to Massanutten for tougher competition and the opportunity to get recruited by more D1 schools. Heater is an excellent student and accumulated a perfect 4.0 GPA for the first quarter at his new school. Heater is a fundamentally sound player that has a high basketball IQ, but more importantly has the ability to stretch out the opposing defense with his accurate and efficient 3 point shooting. He has textbook form and fundamentals on his jump shot. He has excellent extension and follow through accompanied with a high release point. D1 schools that are looking for an outstanding shooter with outstanding grades should carefully monitor the progress of Heater. He has solid defensive abilities and has been well coached and understands team defense. Heater plays hard and gives maximum effort 100% of the time. He is a relentless worker and is only going to get better over time. He is a solid D1 prospect, but more importantly he has HIGH MAJOR character. If you are looking for a high character young man with excellent grades and the ability to shoot the basketball, you should serious give this young man a look.

Player: 5’10 PG Darren Williams
School: Flora MacDonald Academy
City: Red Springs, NC
Class: 2013
Comments: Williams is a strong and athletic scoring PG that is a true competitor. He plays extremely hard and plays with a passion and purpose. He changes speed extremely well and has a beautiful hesitation move to the basket. While he is undersized, he has the strength and quickness to finish plays in traffic against bigger players. He is extremely hard to guard because of his ability to knock down 3 point shows with accuracy. He currently averages 24 PPG and 8 APG for a tough FMA team that has played a tough early season schedule. Schools in the CAA and A10 should definitely be recruiting his young man.

Player: 6’7 WF Jared Scott
School: Flora MacDonald Academy
City: Red Springs, NC
Class: 2013
Comments: What’s not to like about a long and athletic 6’7 WF that has the ability to stretch out the opposing defenses with deadly accuracy beyond the 3 point line. He plays with confidence and the product you currently see is no where the finished product that Scott can develop into down the road. That being said, he has good athleticism, length and the ability to shoot the cover off the ball. That alone, should be a recipe for serious consideration from schools in the SoCon, A10, and the CAA to start recruiting this young man right away. Scott has a higher ceiling and with a stellar junior season along with a good AAU summer season, you may expect his interest level to grow. He is currently averaging 26 PPG and 6 RPG for the 7-3 FMA team.

Player: 6’8 PF Rashed Anthony
School: Flora MacDonald Academy
City: Red Springs, NC
Class: 2013
Comments: Anthony is a strong and physical PF that is averaging a double-double for FMA. He is scoring 13 PPG and grabbing 12 RPG. While Anthony is more of a face up PF, he too can step out and knock down the 3 ball. That being said, he does a really good job of boxing out and anticipating missed shots for offensive and defensive rebounding. (His numbers tell the whole story) Anthony is another player schools in the SoCon, Big South, CAA, and A10 should be recruiting. He has good instincts and looks like he has room for further growth and development.

Player: 6’5 SG Ashanti Day
School: Flora MacDonald Academy
City: Red Springs, NC
Class: 2013
Comments: Day is currently averaging 11 PPG and has good size and athletic ability for a SG. He has good fundamentals on his jump shot and schools in the SoCon and Big South should continue to monitor his progress over his junior and AAU summer season. He has the ability to create his own shot, but is more comfortable being more of a spot of shooter.

Player on the Rise

Player: 6’1 Brian Thornton
School: Chapel Hill HS
City: Chapel Hill, NC
Class: 2015

Comments: While it is still early in his high school career, go ahead and put this young man’s name in your memory bank. We are talking about a talented young PG with good size, length and athleticism. He has advanced ball handling and passing skills for his age/grade. Defensively, he is a really solid “on the ball” defender and is excellent is understanding team defensive principles as he has been well coached at the middle school or AAU level. He utilizes the “euro-step” often and effectively on many transition situations. He is always dribbling with his head up looking for the next pass as he surveys the court. He is excellent in making quick and crisp passes off the dribble. He competes hard on both ends of the court and he has a tremendous upside in his career. Thornton has a nice blend of fundamentals, skills and athleticism for a freshman PG to separate him from his peers. Without question, schools at all levels should carefully monitor his progress and development of his young man.

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