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Phenom's Game Recap -- Greene Central Vs. Farmville Central

12/04/2017, 9:15am EST
By Phenom Hoop Report / Jamie Shaw

Game Recap
Farmville Central Vs. Greene Central

What an incredible atmosphere right from the start. While talking with Coach Harris earlier in the day, he suggested we get into town early as the seats go quickly, needless to say that was an understatement. We arrived in Snow Hill at the start of the second quarter of the girls’ game, at that time the event had already sold out. It was standing room only in the gym with a palpable buzz for both teams.

From the teams coming out of the locker rooms, each team tried to set their tone. Farmville Central walked out stone faced, walked around the entire half court each player slapping five to one another, stone faced and taking their time.

Greene Central had a great highlight reel, from last season (the single best year in the school’s history), played over some upbeat popular music that had the entire crowd out of their seats dancing and getting hype.

Both these teams have mid to high level division 1 talent, and it is young. Both teams had numerous players who flashed moments of brilliance. Both of these teams will be flat rolling come February, looking for deep runs in the playoffs.

Let’s look to see who stood out in this game.

Greene Central
6’7” 2019 Imajae Dodd

Quite simply, Dodd is a man amongst men. He is so strong on the block and so explosive around the basket. He plays the game with a mean streak who has great hands and instincts to get open and go ge the ball. This one will be interesting to watch moving forward, he already carries 6 D1 offers from the likes of ECU, ODU, Tulsa and others…He should have so much more recruitment. If you remember at Phenom’s Feast of Champions he finished with 14 points, 17 boards and 10 blocked shots. In this one he finished with 28 points, 14 boards and 3 blocked shots.

5’10” Unsigned Senior Donquez Davis
We cannot even express how valuable of a player Davis is. A pure bread winner who makes everyone on the floor better, on both ends. It is astonishing to us that the local and regional D2 schools are not beating down his door to get him into their program. His energy is so effective on the floor that the crowd feeds off of him too. He wins ball games. In this one he finished with 6 points, 8 assists, 5 steals and 6 boards.

Farmville Central
6’ 2020 Justin Wright

The word that comes to mind with Wright is poise. He plays the game with incredible confidence and great poise, showing the ability to score off the ball or handle the ball as a true point guard. During this game, he showed the ability to handle the ball as he played as the team’s primary ball handler under intense pressure put on by Greene Central. He also showed the ability to score the ball, with deep range and great feel in the middle game. In this one Wright finished with 16 points, 9 boards and 3 steals. Watch this one closely, he is drawing similar comparisons to current VCU freshman (and FCHS alum) Tyler Maye.

6’1” 2021 Terquevaion Smith
It is hard to believe that Smith is only a freshman. He plays with such flair and such swag and is oftentimes the most prolific scorer on the floor. Smith can flat out get buckets, no matter the age group he is playing against. Smith has deep range and the ability to get into the middle range and finish with touch. He has the ability to be a ball hawk on defense if he can consistently lock in. Naturally there is a long way to go, but Smith is tracking as one of the top players in NCs 2021 class as a high scoring shooting guard.

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