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Phenom's Feast of Champions -- Team Previews (South Brunswick)

11/15/2017, 1:30pm EST
By Phenom Hoop Report / Jamie Shaw

Phenom Feast of Champions
Team Preview: South Brunswick (Southport, NC)

South Brunswick Head Coach Scott Wainwright has been around the game of basketball all of his life. He has been on the staff with his father, Jerry Wainwright, at Depaul, Illinois and Richmond. Scott was also the head coach at Cape Fear Community College for a stint. He knows the game, he lives the game. In 2011 Wainwright got out of the college game, settled down with his family in Southport, North Carolina and was named the Head Coach at South Brunswick High School.

South Brunswick is a 3A school that plays in a 3A/4A mixed conference. Since Wainwright took over the program they have steadily improved year after year. This 2017-18 team carries three college level players and a roster full of guys who play their roles very well.

South Brunswick five of its top seven leading scorers, including the top two. They return four of their top six rebounders, including their top three. Without a doubt they carry a team worth watching, one fans will like as Jace McKenney is liable to do something ridiculously athletic at any moment, and one college coaches will like as this roster has multiple guys to recruit.

Let’s take a look at the players:

6’5” 2019 Jace McKenney
McKenney is a high flying wing who looks like a tight end and plays with a motor that is non stop. Last season he averaged 9 points (45% FG) and 6.3 rebounds per game. He is a high flying athlete who jumps as if he is shot from a cannon and chases tip dunks and hunts slow rotating big men when he attacks the basket. This will be a telling year in his development as a Division 1 prospect.

Spring NC Phenom 150 Eval Snipet: “He is a maximum effort wing who rebounded and defended with a purpose. He also has great length and is extremely athletic as he hung out on the rims all day long.”

6’ 2020 AJ Rossi
Allow me to introduce you to AJ Rossi. The guard is confident well beyond his years and has the look of the guy who will lead this team in scoring. After averaging just 1.3 points per game last season, why do we expect this jump, because he led the team averaging over 20 points per game throughout South Brunswick’s summer games. Rossi is a smooth and effortless scorer, he is great off the bounce and is able to score at the rim or from beyond the arc. Watch for the breakout year.

Spring NC Phenom 150 Eval Snipet: “His play should put him on the D1 recruiting landscape. AJ was one of the top performers in camp. Overall, AJ can score from 3-levels. He has a sweet midrange pull up jumper and consistency from the 3-point line, not to mention his ability to get to the rim.”

6’2” 2018 Kareem Randolph
Randolph is the team’s leading returning scorer averaging 11.2 points per game. The long armed Randolph is comfortable playing both on and off the ball and has a crafty handle getting to his spots in the mid-range. Randolph had a good summer where he is coming back for his senior season, hunting scholarships. If he plays as confidently as he did through the summer, those offers should come.

Spring NC Phenom 150 Eval Snipet: He’s a guard with 3-level scoring ability, able to get clean looks from wherever he wants and space the floor when spotting up. Randolph has the ability to handle the ball and create open looks for teammates”

Other Players of Note
6’6” 2018 Andrew Mosley
Mosely is a brute glue man, he sets great screens, gives good outlets and spends maximum effort rebounding.

6’4” 2018 Xavier Williams
Williams plays the tough guy role. Also does a good job defending, rebounding and playing mistake free basketball.


6’2” 2018 John Roghelia
Roghelia is a gritty player who has made a living coming off the bench and doing what is needed of him for his team.

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