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Bendel's Best: Summer Havoc LIVE- Day 2

07/16/2017, 11:45am EDT
By Phenom Hoop Report/Jeff Bendel

Jeff Bendel brings us his standouts from Summer Havoc LIVE, Day 2

Mooresville Magic

For a prospect, July is always the right time to start clicking on all cylinders, fortunately, 6’0 Zane Haglan (2019) has been in the zone for a while now and has no intention of going back. Haglan is an irreplaceable piece for this Magic team; he initiates the offense and creates for teammates regularly. Offensively, Haglan has a really high IQ and it’s evident through his play, rarely making a bad pass or taking a low quality shot. He’s a crafty ball handler that scores with great efficiency from all three levels and is close to knockdown on three-point looks. The high IQ point guard is also a quality defender that is able to force turnovers and lead the break with ease. Haglan’s stock will only continue to rise in the coming months, as he is one of the key cogs to this well-oiled Magic team.   

Karolina Khaos

The Khaos always seem to field a team of absolute dogs and this year 6’7 Dallaz Corbitt (2019) is one of them. Corbitt is as strong and athletic as they come, able to clear out space and play above the rim on blocks and dunks. Offensively, he has the ability to operate anywhere inside the arc, where he’s capable of getting to the rim in one to two dribbles and finishing with authority. Corbitt has such polish around the basket and is an incredibly tough rebounder on both ends of the floor; he gets a ton of second-chance points because he’s just so relentless on the glass. He is a terrific defender that uses his body, athleticism, and positioning exceptionally well. Corbitt understands and embraces his role, always playing the same way and never doing anything outside his realm of strengths. He has as much upside as anyone from this event and will certainly draw the attention of college coaches sooner than later. 

One of the only players in Summer Havoc that could be more athletic than Corbitt was his teammate, 6’1 Trae Hannibal (2019). He’s another one of those two-way dogs that just brings such a hard-nosed, bloodthirsty demeanor to the team. Offensively, Hannibal is so quick that opponents have no chance of staying in front of him; he gets into the lane and has incredible explosiveness, able to rise up and dunk on anyone in his way. Hannibal sees the floor really well and can play as the secondary ball handler/creator in a pinch, given his vision and craftiness. On the defensive end, he’s a killer that will take away any room to operate and he’s quick enough to stay in front of any opposing guard. Armed with a high IQ and arguably the best athleticism in the gym, Hannibal should pick up multiple offers in the coming months.  

SR1 All-Stars

The SR1 squad from Mississippi was easily among the most popular and exciting teams on display; 6’6 Cameron Woodall (2018) was a huge part of the hype, playing with such energy and aggression at all times. He is a terrific mobile big man; his height may imply that he is undersized but his frame is so strong and defined, allowing him to be nearly unstoppable inside. He plays very similar to a Kenneth Faried-type, a strong two-way rebounder that will try to rise up and dunk on anyone in his path. Woodall just never stops going, which is why he’s such a difficult player to deal with, as he provides the same energy in the first and last minutes of a game. He doesn’t force anything offensively and is an intelligent defender; Woodall should absolutely have multiple offers by now, so it’ll be interesting to see how long college coaches wait to find this gem. 

Dallas Mustangs

These days programs seem to be looking for guards that can score and handle the ball, well 6’2 Dylan Arnette (2018) does both. From the combo guard mold, Arnette is a scorer first and foremost; he can create shots for himself extremely well and has a high IQ. Though he is a dominant scorer, Arnette has great court vision and is able to thread sharp passes on the fast break. He is so quick and his three-level scoring ability allows him to play with or without the ball, though he was typically featured as the primary ball handler. Defensively, he’s just as sharp, mirroring opposing guards at all times and taking away any possible airspace for them to operate. Arnette checks all the boxes physically, mentally, and passes the eye test; he’s often the best player on the floor and has all the makings of a DI guard prospect. It’s perplexing how Arnette carries no offers at that level; he should certainly gather some after this LIVE period, where his play has been phenomenal. 

Long and full of intrigue would be some of the key descriptions when talking about 6’7 Bernardin Thierry (2018). The wiry forward was among the top all-around players on display at Summer Havoc and continued to be a matchup problem for any team he faced. Thierry is a next-level scorer from three, midrange, and inside, which really allows him to have his choice of shots on each possession. There is nothing opponents can do when he is firing on all levels; he’s also quite athletic and isn’t afraid to throw it down. Thierry is a really strong two-way rebounder with great position and utilization of his length; he has the capability of grabbing a board and then leading the break or going coast-to-coast, all with relative ease. So few players have the versatility that Thierry possesses, this allows him to be a very rangy defender that can accumulate a plethora of blocks and steals. He’s such a unique player that schools should be falling over themselves to acquire him. Watch for Thierry to start picking up a considerable amount of offers sooner than later. 

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