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Coaches Warning: Karolina Khaos 16u

07/15/2017, 7:15pm EDT
By Phenom Hoops Report/ Patrick O'Brien

The Karolina Khaos 16u has talent that college programs should watch out for.

Jordan Burch

One team that really stole the show at Spartanburg Christian Academy on Day 2 was the young but talented Karolina Khaos 16u teams from Greenville, South Carolina.  Looking at the roster, you can see the potential on so many levels and at so many positions.  Here are just a few names that have the intrigue and should have college programs’ attention.

Dallaz Corbitt (6’7, 2019): Corbitt is one that could burst onto the scene this summer and heading into the high school season.  He is explosive, athletic, and strong; one that can bring down the house but produces down low.

Trae Hannibal (6’2, 2019): The point guard brings the explosion that can surprise so many due to his size.  He also showed that he has fantastic speed and penetration ability to the rim, finishing strong; way above his age.

Jordan Burch (6’5, 2020): Burch physically looks like a football prospect but what surprises so many is his movement, his handles, and his skill set.  Burch can physically play several positions, whether it is down low or along the outside.

Kojack Thompson II (5’10, 2019): Thompson is another point guard that is speedy quick.  He uses that to his ability to get by defenders but also dishes out assists.

Daniel Finney (6’5 2019): Finney is one that has attracted out scouts attention before.  He has the length and explosion with the ability to perform at all three levels.

Cesare Edwards (6’7, 2021): Edwards is one to keep an eye on with already the 6’7 frame and still so young and learning the game. 

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