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Bendel's Best: Summer Havoc LIVE- Day 1

07/15/2017, 2:00pm EDT
By Phenom Hoop Report/Jeff Bendel

Jeff Bendel brings us his standouts from the Summer Havoc Showcase, Day 3

Oklahoma Power

Starting things off, we look at a prospect that was simply dominant in each game he played 6’6 Shemar Smith (2019). He is a forward with an all-around game, capable of doing everything on both sides of the floor at a high level. Offensively, he scores efficiently on all three levels and rarely misses anything inside the arc; Smith is unstoppable in transition and can play above or below the rim. He’s such a matchup problem because he can play on the perimeter or inside with such ease. Smith is very athletic and displays an exceptionally high IQ; he is wired to score and stays in attack mode. On the defensive end, he can guard three positions at a high level and is able to force turnovers with regularity. Smith has all the tools and ability to be a high major prospect; coaches will certainly get on board with him after watching the Power.

Alabama Celtics

Another guy that was one of the most impressive prospects throughout the day had to be 6’6 Jermaine Marshall (2018). The two-way forward simply could not be stopped, regardless of who checked him, and opponents struggled to adjust to his inside-out game. Marshall is a constant threat to post up or shoot from midrange; he has three-point ability but typically prefers to dominate the interior. He’s a really strong two-way rebounder that plays with a high motor. Marshall possesses a terrific build; he has broad shoulders and long arms with definition. Defensively, he is versatile enough to defend either forward position and even showcases the ability to stop guards when necessary. Marshall is a walking mismatch with high IQ and craftiness; coaches could definitely use a player like him.

SC Bucks

Possibly the most underrated prospect at Summer Havoc is most commonly known as Zion Williamson’s teammate, but 5’11 Chandler Lindsey (2018) certainly deserves appropriate recognition. We’ve seen Lindsey dominate in a secondary role plenty of times, but he is just as good in a lead role. He is extremely dynamic with the ball, able to explode off the floor with only a single step and finish anything at the rim. Lindsey is a solid shooter around the elbows but rarely needs to take jumpers; he’s so quick off the dribble that opponents almost surrender to him. He has a high IQ and understands his game really well, rarely trying to do anything out of his ability. Lindsey is definitely a DI player; it all hinges on which school could most benefit from adding a big-time guard like him.

Upward Stars York County

Of all the prospects on display, 6’6 Jaron Williams (2018) might be the best two-way player of them all. He’s such an imposing presence, locking down opponents with such ease; his positioning and motor are both exceptional. Williams has three-level scoring ability and he has finally begun showing signs of dominating on the offensive end. One of his biggest tools is his frame; he’s so strong and athletic that defenders really struggle to contain him when he has a full head of steam. Though Williams is an explosive athlete, his skill game is what remains so impressive; he shows off a high IQ and creates quite well for teammates. Honestly, Williams is such a dog on both ends of the floor and plays with such passion/intensity that it’s hard to not like him. College coaches are already on board and will continue to pursue a stud like Williams. 

M33M Elite

Another player that was a problem for opponents to contain was 6’4 Willie Foreman (2021), as he consistently made plays with and without the ball. Playing up two age groups, he was the leader by example for his team, always in the right place on both ends of the floor and only looking to make the smartest possible play. Foreman has a terrific frame for a wing, especially given his age, and knows how to properly utilize it to get buckets on one end and stops on the other. He scores efficiently on all three levels and is an effective floor spacer without the ball; few players are prepared for his well-rounded offensive game. Defensively, Foreman causes problems for opponents with his quick feet, high IQ, and positioning; he really understands the game and makes so few mistakes for a player his age. The sky is the limit with Foreman, as he could absolutely be one of the best players from this event five to ten years down the road.

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