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EYBL Team Breakdown: Spiece Indy Heat 17u

05/19/2017, 12:00pm EDT
By Phenom Hoop Report

There is a lot of talent with this squad and Phenom Hoops was on deck to watch in Atlanta

Spiece Indy Heat 17u

The Name
6’8” 2019 Keion Brooks

Brooks has great length and athleticism and remains very active throughout the game. Offensively he is aggressive getting toward the basket and defensively he has high upside as a multi-positional lock down defender. For the weekend Brooks averaged 18.3 points, 45% from the field, 6.3 boards and 1.8 assists per game. He’s a top 25 type recruit and one to watch closely moving forward as his game is still expanding.

The X-Factor
6’8” 2018 Brandon Johns

We tweeted out during the Atlanta session that Brandon Johns has all the tools needed. At times he looks like a no-brainer Top 50 player in the country. When he plays physically, his game really gets rolling. He is a strong rebounder who has athleticism at the rim. Johns has 3-point range off the catch and can get downhill from two dribbles and finish above the rim. For the weekend he averaged 10.5 points, 1 made three, 5.8 boards and 1 block per game. When he’s consistent, the team is at its best.

The Ring Leader
6’ 2019 Tyger Campbell (Depaul)

Campbell is the consummate point guard. He makes everything flow smoothly and, as a result, he makes his team better. Campbell committed to Depaul not long before the Atlanta session kicked off. For the session Campbell averaged 12.3 points and shot almost 80% from the free throw line (getting to the line 25 times). He also added 1.8 steals and 7.5 assists per game.

The Crew
6’5” 2018 Jarron Coleman
Coleman is a jack-of-all-trades type for this Spiece team. He acts as a secondary ball handler, a solid rebounder and a scorer from the wing. Coleman plays with some fire and competitiveness. He finished the weekend with game highs of 10 points, 7 boards and 3 assists. You can do a lot with Coleman as his skill set and size allow him to fit in a lot of situations.

6’10” 2018 Gavin Bizeau
Bizeau is a unique prospect. He has great length, but his calling card is his skill set. He is able to handle the ball in the half court, extend the defense with deep range and attack the basket off the wing. He also carries very good defensive timing and some toughness around the rim. As he continues to add strength his game will continue to take off. There is a lot to like moving forward here.

6’8” 2018 Jacob Polakovich
Polakovich is a throwback big man. He is comfortable on the block, he secures rebounds with 2 (very strong) hands and he can face up to 18’ with touch and vision. Polakovich adds a sense of girth that other bigs on the team do not have. In one game during the Atlanta Session he went for 18 points on 8 of 9 from the field. In another game he went for 10 boards (6 offensive). There is a place for Polakovich in this game, it may not be pretty but he is highly effective.

6’9” 2018 Marcus Bingham
Bingham is a run and jump big man. He has great length, runs like a gazelle and is very athletic. He has good hands when running the break and does a good job altering shots in the half court.

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