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EYBL Team Breakdown: Team United 16u

05/18/2017, 1:15pm EDT
By Phenom Hoops Report

Team United 16u was impressive with talent that people should have their eye on this year

Team United 16u


Big Play Maker:

2019 Audiese Toney: Toney is a 6’6 prospect that has the tools to be dangerous all over the court.  He can plays so many positions, even though he has the characteristics of a wing prospect.  But he rebounds well, runs the floor well, and can score with his size.  He also has really good vision and can lead the team.

Top 100:

2019 Juwan Gary: Gary is a known name that has all the physical tools to be one of the top players in the country.  He is very athletic and can really be a playmaker no matter where he is on the floor. 


2019 Khalil Robinson is a 6-foot point guard that just knows how to run a team and be a leader on the court.  He handles the ball well, sees the floor well, and knows how to control the game for his team.  He also is a more than capable knockdown shooter.

Big Man:

2019 Nic Evtimov is a think frame prospect that continues to grow and develop his game every time we see him on the court.  He was able to really showcase at times to showcase his post moves, posting up and being physical with his back to the basket.


2019 Max Farthing: Farthing is one that really has the attention of Phenom Hoops.  Has tremendous size already at 6-foot-6 but his ability to be a legit shot maker from deep is incredible for his age.  As he develops other areas of his offensive game, more and more programs should be heading his way.


This team has been a known commodity across this age group for a while. They have carried a national ranking and won multiple national events throughout their time together. Well they are now 16u and still carry the same core that has been together for a few years now.

There are some new faces, but the winning ways remain intact. This is a well-coached team who has a good understanding of one another. There are also a lot of prospects to watch on this squad, mid to high major programs need to get familiar with multiple players on this roster.

The Wings
6’6” 2019 Audiese Toney

Toney is a do everything type of player. He gathers a lot of steals and loose balls, he rebounds well and he is a deft passer, moving the ball up the floor. Those are the little things Toney excels at. Offensively, Toney has a jet quick first step and great pace handling the ball. With the amount of loose balls, steals and rebounds he comes up with you find Toney running the point a lot throughout the game. He is a versatile player, but he is also a high level wing.

6’6” 2019 Juwan Gary
Gary is already a nationally known name and has done nothing to dispel his Top 50 national ranking. Gary is a skilled wing, with great size and explosion. He has the ability to take over a game with his ability to score the ball and Gary has tendency to be a lock down defender with his play in the passing lanes and blocking shots.

6’6” 2019 Max Farthing
Mr Hand Down Man Down. Farthing is a dead-eye knock down shooter. He has great shot prep and soft touch off the catch. He is also showing the ability off the one and two dribble pull up. He works hard on defense and has great size for a wing.

The Playmaker
6’ 2019 Khalil Robinson

On a team that gets up and down the floor and is full of wings, it is Robinson who has the keys to the car. He is a heady point guard who takes care of the basketball and has deep range as a knock down shooter. It isn’t the break your man down highlight stuff that Robinson does to stand out, but it is his ability to run the offense and blend in. Watch closely.

The Crew
6’5” 2019 Jamal King
King has all the tools and the light is starting to come on for him. He is a thick bodied wing who has good athleticism and touch well beyond the arc. When he concentrates on getting to the rim, not many are able to stop him. He is one to watch for the future because when the light comes on for him, watch out…it could be a thing of beauty.

6’8” 2019 Nic Evtimov
Evtimov comes from great bloodlines and you can tell he has basketball in his genes when you watch him play. He is a good passer, has soft hands and good footwork around the rim. Evtimov is able to set up at the high post or with his back to the basket on the block. The game is slowing down for him and there is no question he is able to rebound his area and score from the post.

6’10” 2019 Arol Kacuol
Kacuol has great length and runs like a gazelle. As the strength comes his game (and his confidence) will continue to grow. Right now he blocks shots, gains deflections and finishes dump down passes at the rim. Jot his name down and check back to where he is in a year’s time, he has natural tools.

6’ 2019 Cartier Jernigan
Jernigan is a quick twitch guard who has the ability to be a lock down on the ball defender and is a great change of pace point guard. He has a solid jump shot with good range and is great in transition, as he turns his defense into offense. He produces in the time he is on the floor.

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