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EYBL Team Breakdown: Boo Williams 17u

05/17/2017, 7:30am EDT
By Phenom Hoop Report

Phenom Hoops analyst dive in and breakdown several players from Boo Williams 17u, who showed out at the EYBL in Atlanta.

Boo Williams 17U


If one name has become synonymous with travel basketball it is Boo Williams. He has a thriving complex and alums like Joe Smith, Alonzo Mourning and Allen Iverson who have come through the program in its 30+ years of existence.

After a 2 down years the program is back among the leaders of the circuit. After 3 sessions, Boo Williams carries a 10-2 record and sits atop the Division C standings. They have a roster full of “can’t miss” type players and most importantly they play a tough brand of basketball

The Stud
6’6” 2018 Keldon Johnson

It is plain and simple, Keldon Johnson is a top 10 player in the 2018 class. He is a high level 2-way player, leading his team offensively every night while also taking on the opposition’s top player. That second part is a daunting task on the EYBL as every team has a high 4-star or 5-star player. Johnson loves the opportunity to shut down a player, but he also loves to win. He should be recruited by every school in the country.

The Playmaker
6’ 2021 Zion Harmon

Only an 8th grader, Harmon is already an EYBL 17u veteran. Running the show for the 10-2 Boo Williams team, Harmon is tasked with some heavy leadership responsibilities. He has answered the call to this point averaging 13 points this weekend on 36% from behind the arc. He also left the weekend with a 3.1 to 1 assist to turnover ratio and snagging 1.8 steals per game. Watch out!

The Wings
6’5” 2018 Jason Wade

What a difference a year makes. Wade is a bonafide high major wing at this point. Wade is a tough nosed 2-way player who gets into the paint at will, loves contact and has the ability to defend the ball and the wing. In the last year he has worked his way into this conversation, and he deserves everything that comes his way.

6’7” 2019 Aundre Hyatt
This is Hyatt’s first year in Virginia and he came with a lot of hype. He has lived up to that hype with his steady play. Hyatt is a sharp shooter from deep range. He plays the perfect complement to this team as he stretches the floor, enabling the wings to get downhill and attack the paint. Hyatt is a good area rebounder and a strong hybrid forward type. He is a consensus Top 50 prospect and its obvious there is a place on the floor for him, at the highest level.

The Crew
6’5” 2018 Keyonte Johnson
Johnson is ridiculously explosive. He carries a strong and incredibly lengthy frame and everything he does is loud. He is a good rebounder, tough wing defender and a game changing type leaper. Watch your heads!

6’11” 2019 Qudus Wahab
Wahab has only been in US for less than 2 years, but his progression has been rapid. He has a lengthy frame and is being taught by one of the best big man coaches out there (Duval Simmons). Right now he is a good rim protector and very active rebounder. He has solid hands on the block and dunks what he can. His footwork is developing, but we have no doubt it will continue. He is a Top 50 type prospect in his class and showed every reason why, that upside is true.

6’7” 2019 Anderson Mirambeaux
This was our first viewing of Mirambeaux and we walked away impressed. Built like a down lineman on the football field, Mirambeaux did a great job of carving out space and finishing at the rim. He has great hands and touch at the basket and he is a surprisingly good rebounder in spurts. Although he may not be as glamourous as the others, he plays a definite role on this team.


Boo Williams sits at the top of Division C, along with CP3, as they are one of the top programs at the EYBL so far this season with a 10-2 record.  There is no doubt why though with the talent they have on the court, as they have a roster full of must know names.

2018 Keldon Johnson is the star of this group and should be considered one of the top guards in the country, especially what he has been doing on the court this summer.  He is not only one of the toughest guards to stop when attacking the rim, but finds so many ways to score the basketball.  He also showcased a fantastic ability to rebound the ball, something you may have not seen in the past.  After this weekend in Atlanta, many might think that Johnson could be one of the top players in the country.  He is now becoming a leader on the court and love his attitude for the game.

2019 Qudus Wahab is a young 6’11 prospect that showcased his talents at the Phenom Joe Miller event.  Fast forward to a few months and one can see that Wahab continues to develop his game on both ends.  He is getting stronger, gaining more confidence, and learning more of the fast pace game.  But he also does a great job defensively and on the boards.  Now the offensive game should catch and when it does, watch out.

2019 Aundre Hyatt is another prospect to keep an eye on, as several high-major programs are already doing so.  Hyatt is a natural scorer and shooter.  He does an excellent job in stretching the defense with his ability to shoot the ball from deep.  He is also built well that helps him on the boards.  Hyatt though is a fantastic jump shot maker and when he is on, watch out because it is hard to slow him down.

The most explosive player on the court might have been 2018 Keyonte Johnson.  He sports a good size of 6’5 but is incredibly athletic and isn’t afraid to throw it down on anyone, something he looked to do multiple times throughout the weekend.

2019 Anderson Mirambeux was an interesting prospect to watch.  He is built with tremendous size and weight, something he uses to his advantage, especially when we watched him against the Georgia Stars.  He can carve out a lot of space and physically bully his way around the paint, but also showcases nice footwork for his size.

Also really liked what I saw from 2021 Zion Harmon and it is incredibly to think that this 8th grader is competing with the best in the country… and producing.  He still continues to learn the game but he has great change of pace, is low to the ground, and has the confidence to be a scorer.  The future for this young man is bright.


As one of the faces of AAU basketball, Boo Williams continues to put together excellent teams that play for one another. This team is as good as any in recent memory, so it is only fitting that we put out an article on them.

Starting with the heart of the team, 6’6 Keldon Johnson (2018). Through two EYBL sessions, Johnson showcased how special he can be on both sides of the ball. During session three, he erased any doubt regarding his game, as Johnson was utterly dominant from start to finish. Offensively, he does it all, able to score on three levels efficiently (whenever he wants) while also possessing the strength to manhandle opponents around the rim. The high IQ Johnson can be the primary ball handler and is able to create for himself or others exceptionally well. All these skills without even mentioning Johnson’s elite athleticism; he takes great pride in his ability on the defensive end and frequently shuts down his assignment. Johnson has intangibles and simply checks all the boxes that high-level college programs look for.

Next, we look at the motor, 6’5 Jason Wade (2018). Though Johnson may be in the spotlight, Wade quietly goes about his business and still finishes with eye-popping production. His athletic ability combined with his sharp basketball IQ makes for a difficult player to attack on either end of the floor. Wade scores quite well on all three levels and turns into a freight train upon entering the paint, where he will barrel opponents down one by one. On defense, Wade’s positioning and lateral quickness immediately stands out as he dogs opposing guards; he has shown capabilities to contain players of all sizes. He, like teammate Johnson, is simply an incredibly well rounded player. Wade’s recruitment has gradually trended upward, but lately he’s become a very popular name amongst a variety of big-name schools.

As basketball continues to grow, shooting (three-point shooting, specifically) has become more and more of a premium; 6’7 Aundre Hyatt (2019) might be the best shooter in the country. However, Hyatt is so much more than just a shooter, which is what makes him such an intriguing—and possibly underrated—prospect. Offensively, he is an incredibly strong three-level scorer with high IQ and a dominant presence that must be respected with or without the ball. When handling the ball, Hyatt can create a shot out of thin air, for himself and others; he has a wide arsenal of pull-ups from midrange and three. Hyatt’s jump shot is simply beautiful, textbook form that he consistently repeats; his range is nearly unlimited, forcing opponents to account for him at all times. He is also willing to penetrate to the basket where he displays a plethora of nice moves around the rim, though he isn’t afraid to rise up and dunk it. Hyatt has a strong body and quality frame, allowing him to get shots off over most players with relative ease, but he also utilizes his size to be an effective rebounder on both ends. Though Hyatt is already a big name, it feels like more will finally come to recognize how outstanding he truly is.

Like shooting, rim protection is becoming such a coveted trait in players; 6’11 Qudus Wahab (2019) is showcasing his ability as an elite defensive anchor. Wahab patrols the paint and will snatch shots out of the air; he has tremendous length and is very aware of how to utilize it. He will dunk over opponents if given the opportunity or is capable of gathering rebounds and getting second chance buckets around the rim He has put on muscle since we last saw him and will only continue to get stronger as time passes. Wahab already provides great rebounding and shot blocking skills; his potential is unlimited.

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