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Junior Phenom Team Evaluations: Team 3

04/20/2017, 10:45am EDT
By Phenom Hoop Report/ Jeff Bendel

Check out the team evaluations for the Junior Phenom camp

Team 3

Coach: Daymond Lindell

#2: 4’11 ’24 Jordan Barr of North Springs (Blythewood)

Starting things off, we look at a player whose ability to lead his team on both sides of the ball stood out immediately, Jordan Barr. He’s a lead guard that constantly looks to make the high IQ play but also knows when to go for his own shot. Offensively, he was able to do whatever he wanted on all three levels and moved the ball well. Next in his development process is just continuing to stay in the gym, gaining experience playing and practicing, as he will be a quality player sooner than later. Coach Lindell on Barr: “Jordan is a very young prospect playing with guys older than him and handling his business. He is completely confident in his ball handling and passing skills. Jordan has a nice drive-float-layup game and his midrange to three-point shot is improving. When he plays at his own age and level he will dominate the perimeter. Jordan is a natural team leader that makes his teammates better; he was simply a joy to coach!” Barr turned heads with his mature play and looked quite comfortable playing against kids multiple years his senior.

#14: 5’1 ’23 Travelle Bryson of Bradley MS (Charlotte)

Next, we look at a player that constantly made plays for himself and others, with and without the ball, Travell Bryson. He’s an off-guard that is a plus on both ends of the floor and showed he’s willing to make winning plays whenever possible. Offensively, he scores on three levels and penetrates well, showing the ability to finish or distribute to others. Next in his development process is continuing to improve the consistency of his three-point shot, as it would make him an unstoppable offensive player. Coach Lindell on Bryson: “Travelle is a young player with tremendous potential; he plays and handles the ball with both hands very effectively. He has a nice midrange game and a potentially good three-point shot. Travelle plays defense well on both guard positions. He makes very good passes, penetrates strong to the basket and makes the right pass to the right player. Travelle is very coachable and a natural team leader; he has awesome handles and playmaking ability. He is a joy to coach and his best basketball is ahead of him.” Bryson will only continue to cause problems for opponents as time goes on; expect to hear his name down the road.

#19: 5’2 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins of Eastern Guilford (McLeansville)

Moving onto a player that simply has the full package on both ends of the floor an will be a terrific prospect at the high school level, Kadyn Dawkins. He’s a combo guard that is able to dominate his opponent on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Dawkins scores efficiently on all three levels, displays quality vision and gets to the rim at will. Next in his development process is continuing to harness his two-way potential as he continues to grow in IQ and size. Coach Lindell on Dawkins: “Kadyn is a super athletic combo guard who understands the game on both ends of the floor; his understanding of defense allows him to get off-ball steals through anticipation, leading to fast break opportunities. Kadyn’s defense on and off-ball single-handedly changed the game and willed his team to win. I would welcome a player of his caliber into my program any day; he is coachable and executes plays at the coaches direction.” Dawkins is already a very good two-way guard, but it’ll be interesting to see how he fares at the high school level, where a team ready to win now in Eastern Guilford will expect big things from him.

#25: 5’5 ’22 Brady Duke of Mount Pleasant MS (Concord)

Continuing onto a player whose high IQ allowed him to manipulate the game on both sides of the ball, Brady Duke. He’s a guard that has craftiness to his game, able to score or distribute the ball with ease. Offensively, Duke scores on all three levels quite well and has the ability to dominant opponents with his off the bounce game. Defensively, he poses a constant threat to get steals and move the ball ahead for easy fast break opportunities. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his quickness and leaping ability, as it would make him a tougher all-around player. Coach Lindell on Duke: “Brady is an awesome player to coach and he has tremendous upside as it pertains to achieving a higher level of basketball competition. Brady has a quality shot from both midrange and three-point territory; he plays solid defense on and off-ball, using his high IQ to be in the right place at the right time. Brady is a quality shot distributor, making the right play and pass virtually every possession.” Duke has the ability to be a quality guard at the high school level, but should continue working on his game while he is ahead of the curve.

#51: 5’7 ’23 Xavier Deberry of Durham Nativity School (Durham)

Next, we look at a player that is able to control the game with his versatile defensive ability while still putting in phenomenal work on the offensive end, Xavier Deberry. He’s a wing that has the ability to play multiple positions on both sides of the floor; able to play anywhere on the perimeter and even does a quality job when switched onto big men. Offensively, Deberry is exceptional at penetrating into the lane and finishing strong at the rim. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his three-point shot, as it would make him a more complete offensive player. Coach Lindell on Deberry: “Xavier is a super kid who has a quiet demeanor but strong mentality. His basketball IQ is very high; he has unlimited potential and is a team leader who competes at a high level. He sees the floor well and his handles are solid. Xavier’s defensive skills parallel his positive attitude; he has the ability to create plays and make the passes accordingly. He defends the 1, 2 and 3 well and has massive upside.” Few 2023 players stood out as much as Deberry during camp; he was terrific on both sides of the ball and should continue to improve in time.

#57: 5’7 ’21 Colton St. Clair of Riverwood MS (Clayton)

Moving onto a player who forces opposing defenses to pay attention to him with or without the ball, Colton St. Clair. He’s a wing that can light it up on offense while providing the team with quality defense on the other end. Offensively, St. Clair is a quality shooter from midrange and three-point territory; he is able to make passes on time and on target whenever the opening appears. Next in his development process is continuing to hone his defensive ability, as it would make him a potent two-way player ready for the increased speed of high school basketball. Coach Lindell on St. Clair: “Colton is a blessing to coach due to his tremendous attitude that reflects in his play on the court. He handles the ball well with either hand and competes at a high level. Colton has a great understanding of the game and sees the floor well; his passes are timely and his midrange/three-point shots are consistent. He’s very coachable and a team player that provides maximum effort at all times.” St. Clair gave his team a much needed boost on both sides of the ball, especially on offense, where he’s already displayed the upside necessary to be a special player.

#80: 5’10 ’21 Amare Haynie of Kannapolis MS (Kannapolis)

Continuing onto a player that was utterly dominant on both sides of the ball and excelled in the transition game, Amare Haynie. He’s a long wing that already displays a terrific understanding for the game and his ability to contort defenses is very advanced for his age. Offensively, Haynie is a beast, able to score on three levels and get to the rim with ease. He also plays football, but should stick to basketball, as he displayed two-way stretches of dominance throughout camp. Next in his development process is continuing to work in the gym; he’s going to be a terrific player sooner than later, so he will benefit greatly from extra reps on the practice court. Coach Lindell on Haynie: “Amare is a complete player who can play as the combo guard; his ability to see the floor, anticipate the play and pass the ball are all at a high level. He has a complete knowledge of the game on both ends of the floor. Amare has great anticipation on the defensive end, playing the passing lanes well and getting an abundance of steals. His three-point shot is consistent and his midrange shot is steady; he also adds awesome penetration ability. He was a joy to coach and proven to be a natural team leader.” Haynie was among the best two-way players throughout camp and almost certainly averaged 20 PPG with his strong play.

#94: 6’0 ’21 Jaylen Lee of Carrington MS (Durham)

Next, we look at a prospect that was among the best all-around players at camp with his high level game, Jaylen Lee. He’s a wing with a strong frame and the entire package athletically, possessing phenomenal speed, quickness and leaping ability. Offensively, Lee relentlessly attacks the rim and finishes everything inside the paint; if he does miss, expect him to get the rebound and get a bucket or draw a foul. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his three-point jumper, as it would make him simply unstoppable on the offensive end. Coach Lindell on Lee: “Jaylen is super athletic, has a tremendous motor and his high level of energy spills out onto the court, energizing teammates. Jaylen hustles on both ends of the floor and rebounds exceptionally well; he runs the floor and leads the fast break off the defensive rebound. He chooses to defend the opponents’ best player and can actually guard every position on the floor. Jaylen is a positive player that learns on the run; he was enjoyable to coach throughout camp.” Lee has unlimited potentially, especially if he continues to grow and sharpen his skill game.

#110: 6’6 ’21 Jonas Courtney of Brawley (Mooresville)

Finishing up with a player that understands how to properly use his size to control the paint on both sides of the floor, Jonas Courtney. He’s a big man that has a budding post game and the ability to score around the rim on offense while protecting it on defense. Offensively, Courtney looks to post-up on the low block whenever possible; he does a quality job of getting strong position and finishing nearly everything around the basket. Next in his development process is working on the consistency of his jumper around the elbows, as it would make him a very difficult player to contain on offense. Coach Lindell on Courtney: “Jonas is very coacble and is an exceptional post player; he is able to score well with either hand and displays deft touch around the rim. Jonas has good footwork on baseline drives and his drop-step post moves are strong. He knows how to rim run from end to end and he rebounds the ball well on both sides of the ball. Once he rebounds the ball, he immediately looks to outlet the ball to the guard and is truly unselfish; Jonas is an excellent passer out of the post. He has tremendous upside and a great frame to work with.” Courtney has all the tools and intangibles necessary to become a strong two-way force sooner than later.

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