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2017 G Douglas Elks Offers Insight into Roanoke Commitment

02/25/2017, 7:00am EST
By Phenom Hoop Report/ Patrick O'Brien

Douglas Elks announced on Thursday that he had committed to Roanoke College, giving them yet another North Carolina prospect in what has been an impressive class so far.

Douglas Elks announced on Thursday that he had committed to Roanoke College, giving them yet another North Carolina prospect in what has been an impressive class so far.  Elks has been a productive and key part of whatever team he has been on and has shown that at several Phenom Hoops events.

“6’4 ’17 Douglas Elks (WCBA Elite Blue) is a highly skilled and fundamentally sound guard. Consistently is a strong attribute! He is a low risk, high return player. More than anything, he may be one of the most fundamentally sound players in the state regardless of class. Strong statement, yes but deserving so! Douglas is a two-way player and is the consummate team player. He’s the perfect teammate. While he has the ability to score (15.8 PPG in six games), Douglas does so within the framework of the offense. Rarely will you see him try to manufacture his own shot. On offense, Douglas is always is position to score. He always “does his work” early and has his knees bent and showing his hands to receive the ball. He has a textbook jumper with nice arch and excellent backspin and rotation.

On the defensive end of the court, he is the ultimate team defensive player. He is always in “help side” defense and is always talking on defense. While watching him play team defense, you would think he is doing the “shell defensive drill” the entire time on defense. More importantly, Douglas will do things that often won’t show up in the score sheets. He doesn’t mind driving on the floor for a loose ball or battling for a rebound. Douglas has solid technique in boxing out by developing a wide yet low base.”

After learning about his commitment, Phenom Hoops reached out to Elks about his decision, as he broke down why Roanoke was the place for him and what to expect down the road.


PHR: What made Roanoke College the place for you?

DE: It really came down to the people there, the strong academics, and a great basketball program that is hungry and ready to accomplish great things. Coach Nunley has a done a tremendous job recruiting me and has been extremely loyal through a tough senior season as I have battled with some injuries. I had two great visits to Roanoke and everyone I met while I was on my visit was extremely nice and passionate about Roanoke and that speaks volumes to me! I am also very attracted to playing the competitive ODAC conference. I am very thankful for this opportunity!

PHR: What are they hoping you can provide to the program?

DE: Offensive and defensive versatility, leadership, and the ability to make plays and knock down shots! Roanoke has a very talented young team and they can really shoot the ball so I am excited to play with this group! Roanoke plays very unselfish basketball and they have great team chemistry so I am excited to become a part of that and play with great players that are also great people!

PHR: Roanoke has gotten some good recruits coming in that you are familiar with.  Thoughts on those guys joining you?

DE: Coach Nunley has recruited a very strong incoming class with Colton reed, Logan Vosburg, and Jordan Davis! I'm extremely excited to play with these guys and have enormous respect for them as players but more importantly as people! I believe knowing these guys so well to begin with will only be an advantage for us moving forward.

PHR: Congrats on the commitment! Exciting news and we certainly will be watching down the road.

DE: Thank you so much! I am very thankful for everyone involved that has helped me get to this point but I'm especially thankful for the Phenom Hoops staff for everything you have done for me over the years! You all have been incredible!

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