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6'2" 2020 Carson McCorkle of Broughton HS (Raleigh, NC)

02/17/2017, 1:15pm EST
By Phenom Hoop Report / Jamie Shaw

6’2” 2020 Carson McCorkle
Broughton HS (Raleigh, NC)
By Jamie Shaw

Between your freshman and senior years of high school there is so much growth to be had, in most cases it is tough to project. However, in this case, in the case of 6’2” freshman Carson McCorkle it isn’t very difficult to see he will be a very good player.

McCorkle comes in with all the accolades, the CP3 Rising Stars/Dunk Dog All American Camp dunk champion, an invite to the Team USA workouts, recruitment and offers already from Power 5 programs. The resume is already stacked however, I am not sure that helps him or hurts him.

He is a stud player, he is the leading scorer at Broughton High School, who doesn’t traditionally play freshman. Most notably, John Wall was cut from the team as a freshman. Boston College standout Jerome Robinson was on JV as a freshman. This program has produced the likes of NBA’s Shavlik Randolph, Kansas’ Devonte Graham, and Boston College’s Jerome Robinson. It knows talent.

McCorkle can manufacture his shot at whatever point he likes. He is explosive at the rim, has a great feel in the middle game, and has the handle to get to his spots and elevate quickly. However, he is perfectly fine playing within the offense. He has minimal dribbles and minimal motions in his game. This may be what is most impressive about the young man. He presses nothing.

During last night’s game against North Carolina’s #2 ranked 4A team, Heritage McCorkle went 5-7 from the floor and corralled 5 rebounds. He also was 3-4 from beyond the arc, finishing with a team leading 15 points. It was easy for him, he hardly broke a sweat. His demeanor was if he belong, not only that he belong but that he was supposed to be the best player on the floor.

As with so many of the region’s top players, the first time we laid eyes on McCorkle was at our NC Junior Phenom Camp. He came in and immediately made an impression, McCorkle was clearly one of the top players in attendance. He has such an advanced skill set that is simply beyond his years. To put it bluntly, McCorkle is a special young player that can do so many things well. He can handle, pass and shoot as well as any prospect for his age/grade that has come down the pike. Yes, he is that good and talented. He’s the real deal and is one of the more polished prospects in the state for his age/grade. IF he continues to work on his game and get physically stronger, the sky is the limit for this talented young prospect.”

Already McCorkle carries offers from the likes of Iowa, NC State, and Georgia Tech. That list will certainly continue to grow. It is the subtleness of his game that really sticks out. McCorkle just knows how to play and can do everything under the sun, on the court.

After watching McCorkle during the season, National Analyst Patrick Obrien echoed all the sentiments already stated, This freshman simply plays older than he is on the court.  His basketball IQ is very high and simply understands the game very well.”

Watch closely, it is rare that a player has this many tools and understands the game this well this early.

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