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Continues to Produce: 6’0 Greyson Collins (2018)

02/16/2017, 9:15am EST
By Phenom Hoop Report/ Jeffrey Bendel

For any team that can use scoring in bunches 6’0 Greyson Collins (2018) is a smooth lefty and one of the most underrated guys around.

About a year ago, we were hosting an event at Proehlific Park and within the first thirty minutes it became increasingly evident that we were watching a potent scorer do his job. That player was wearing number twenty-four; a skinny guard with an unorthodox jumper was casually dominating for the High Point Havoc. Afterwards, we take note of the quality performance, only to realize that it was better than we anticipated. The guy, Greyson Collins, might’ve had the quietest 37-point game we’ve ever seen.

Within the next two weeks, Collins changes AAU teams, joining the Carolina Wolves and not skipping a beat. We see him next at David Rose MDC, where we wrote: “For any team that can use scoring in bunches 6’0 Greyson Collins (2018) is a smooth lefty and one of the most underrated guys around. Collins isn’t the best athlete but he makes up for it by being the smartest player on either end of the floor. His basketball IQ is through the roof. Collins is the type of player that will score three or four times in a row to catch your eye, only to realize he already has 30. Although his release is a little unorthodox, he can score from any spot on the floor. Collins either scores, assists or is fouled any time he drives to the paint. It’s very rare to see a possession not result in points when Collins is involved. He’s the kind of guy that never turns the ball over, and if he does, he’ll remain at one turnover for the rest of the game. Defensively, he’s as sound as any player, using his pristine footwork and feel to keep him engaged and active.”

Collins has been utterly dominant for Caldwell Academy all season; the junior spent his first two high school seasons at Ragsdale (located right outside of the Jamestown/High Point area) and has required zero adjustment time with the new team. He’s remained a lethal scorer while sharpening the rest of his repertoire. Collins is a tireless worker that yearns to improve and somehow raises his game with each passing month.

We have stayed up with Collins throughout the season and when asked to describe his game/play-style he said this: “I try to mix up my game a lot between outside shooting with range while also driving and finishing and getting my teammates involved a lot. I try to be more than just a shooter. I try to model my game after Luke Kennard and players like Manu Ginobli, both left-handed guys.”

The 6’0 guard has been able to morph his game to withstand opposing players with size, strength and elite athleticism for some time now. Collins uses crafty dribble moves and meticulous cuts--both on and off-ball--to punish defenses; he manipulates defenses with the intention of finding points for the team, not necessarily himself. However, he is a scorer by heart and still gets whatever he wants on offense, able to score on three levels easily. His numbers through 22 games this season: 26.8 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 4.8 APG, and 2.5 SPG while shooting 40% from three. Collins is sporting a 3.9 GPA and has shown no signs of decline on or off the court. So far, he’s been on visits to Radford and Campbell, with Longwood emerging as the most recent program to reach out. He will only continue to become more decorated as a high school player and certainly has the ability to make a difference at the next level. The numbers don’t lie and Collins always seems to have the numbers.

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