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Because of His Rebounding, He Earned Offers at Phenom’s Challenge LIVE

Watch 2 minutes of 6’8/2020 Tyler Young play and you realize this prospect is built just a little different. Sure off the initial look test, you notice a burly, 250 pound player with great length, however, it is his ability around the basket that is just like no other on the floor with him. 

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Brandon’s Don’t Sleep On Me Team

After much thought and preparation I have created  a list of prospects I personally felt flew under the radar somewhat this weekend. It’s easy to get lost in the headlines and star power, but all these prospects came in wit something to prove.   Greensboro, North Carolina- Every guy on this list came in under the radar for one reason or another, all came in ready as well to bring...

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Brandon’s big time Breakouts PT 1 #PhenomStayPositive

We’re back at it again invading the Gate City for some prime time hoops action, it’s the second weekend of AAU and the big boys came to play!   Greensboro, North Carolina- Day one was a movie we really kicked things off with a bang pairing up a slate of highs quality games, there was talent on display for all levels from high major division I to the division III ranks. Some guys came in as...

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