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Eye Catchers from #PhenomTeamCamp

It was a great weekend at Queens University.  The facility was great, the atmosphere was even better, and the talent was outstanding.  Teams competed at the highest of levels and are hoping to use this as a building block towards a successful season. Players took advantage of the platform as well, as these were the players that stood out from the event. 2020 6’4 Ricky Council IV (Southern...

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Coach Rick’s Top Performers Day 1 Phenom Team Camp

Coach Rick’s Top Performers Day 1 Phenom Team Camp The first day of the Phenom Team Camp held at the beautiful campus of Queens University was a tremendous success. We have quality teams, great match ups and dozens and dozens of college coaches in attendance. With 45 plus teams in attendance, there was an abundance of quality play demonstrated throughout the day, but we will take a closer...

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