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NCAA Registration

 All teams participating at an NCAA-certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event.  Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.  The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes.  In addition, it is not an acceptable practice for prospects' coaches to subsitute their own demographic information for that of a prospective student-athlete.  Failure to register or submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events.   

Click here to register your team 
Click here if you need help registering your team 
Coaching a team during the NCAA Certified event: Click here to complete NCAA coaches certification 

A Message from the Enforcement - Certification & Approvals Group




The background check website is now live:  For US applicants, please review the Domestic Background Check Instructions  or watch the background check instructional video before you apply.  For international applicants, please review the International Background Check Instructions.  

The communications regarding your background check will come to you from either, and/or .  Please whitelist these email addresses so that you are sure to get the information regarding your background check.  If you do not know how to do this, please Google: "how to whitelist an email address."

If you have questions about your background check or the background check process, please contact Verified Volunteers via email at or via phone at 855-326-1860 - Client Code: 6024.

The basketball certification and ECAG websites ( and are currently being updated so the links you may be looking for may not be available at this time. If you need access to the Basketball Certification System (BBCS) to submit an application for an event and/or league or to enter your team roster, please use this link:

You must bring the following to check-in or expect to experience a DELAY.
  • ALL players & coaches (ALL participants are REQUIRED to attend a comprehensive NCAA Educational Session during check-in—REGARDLESS if the participant has already attended this session at  other tournaments)
  • VALID government issued PHOTO ID and NCAA Approval number for ALL COACHES (see page -2- for more information).  All coaches are required to complete a Participant Approval Application ANNUALLY  with the NCAA.  Visit the following site for details:
  • ACCURATE online TEAM ROSTERS on the NCAA BBCS, including complete athlete address and phone number, which adheres to the Adjoining State Rule (see page -2- for more information).  BE SURE you have “opted in” to the Spring Hoops Fest & Grassroots Tip Off Classic or we will not be able to “see” your roster(s).
  • Your NCAA login information, in the event you need to access the NCAA site. 
    The tournament staff will strictly adhere to all NCAA rules and regulations.  The following page details these important rules/regulations for your careful review and reference.  Please note that all event operators, and teams, must abide by these rules or the NCAA will not certify this event in the future.  Your strict compliance with NCAA rules ensures your participation in, and the continued certification of, this tournament—NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  A lack of compliance will prohibit participation.
    If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Shaw at or CL Butler at 843-455-1893
    Spring 2016 NCAA Rules/Regulations Guide
  • NCAA Coaches Certification
    Team Rosters
    Adjoining State Rule
    All individuals engaging in coaching activities in an NCAA certified basketball event must be approved through the NCAA Coaches Approval process which includes: an application, criminal background investigation, authorization for release of information, and  an NCAA rules educational component.  All coaches will be required to complete a Participant Approval Application ANNUALLY with the NCAA.  
    ü Allow adequate time, prior to the NCAA certified event in which you are participating, for this approval. 
    ü Under no circumstances will non-approved coaches or team associates be allowed to coach or sit on the bench.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.
    ü Event operators are required to verify, prior to participation in an event, that each coach, including assistants, has been approved through the NCAA program. 
    ü Coaches MUST present legal photo identification to the event operator prior to the start of the event.
    ü   Be aware of certification expiration dates.
    For NCAA Approval, visit:
    ü All teams participating in an NCAA certified summer event must register online at
    ü If you do not already have a “login” then select “New Activity Operator or Coach.”
    ü Follow the process to register your team and roster PRIOR to reporting to the event.
    ü Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated. 
    ü The same address and telephone number cannot be used for multiple athletes. 
    ü Failure to register/ submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events.
    ü All coaches and team members are required to attend a comprehensive educational session at tournament check-in.
    ü  The session will review NCAA initial eligibility standards, gambling, agents, and drug use. 
    ü All coaches and players must be in attendance. 
    Per the NCAA, it is now required to present Fall Semester 2015 transcripts at or before check-in for all prep school athletes.
    ü All team members participating in an NCAA Certified team event must reside in the same state as the team’s official address.
    ü NO MORE than (3) team members may reside in an adjoining state. 
    ü The athlete’s legal residence, or the legal residence of his parent or legal guardian, determines residency. 
    ü A player who has attended a preparatory school for a minimum of one academic year may use the player’s legal residence or the address of the preparatory school.
    ü An international player may use the legal address of the prospect’s host family, provided the prospect is part of an educational exchange program and has residency with family for a minimum of one academic year.
    ü The NCAA tracks high school athletes/monitors/ records the state in which an athlete plays. 
    ü The Adjoining State Rule is strictly monitored by the NCAA; any team that provides false and/or misleading information will result in the withdrawal of the coaches' approvals for all coaches associated with that team, which will prohibit those coaches from participating in any coaching activity at any NCAA-certified event for a period of up to five years.  For more information on the Adjoining State Rule, visit



    In addition, no team coach, player, player’s parents, relatives, legal guardians, and/or any other individual associated with the player, as a result of his participation in basketball, will be permitted to have any contact with NCAA coaches during the tournament.  This includes, but is not limited to gyms, hotels, and game sites.