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NC Phenom 150 Camp Recap, part 4

In today’s issue we will take a close look at Part 4 of the NC Phenom 150 Evaluation Camp. Over 30 division I prospects attended this event and wanted to give a thorough and detailed look at the below players. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @coach_rick57.

Player: 6’7 Brian White
Hometown: Chesterfield, VA
School: Sports Academy
Class: 2013
Evaluation: Brian White has been a regular of the NC Phenom 150 Camp and he is an extremely long and fluid athletic WF. He has extremely good mobility and versatility may be his strongest attribute. He has a high basketball IQ and understanding of the game that makes him a major target for mid major schools and could develop higher interest if he could develop a more consistent outside jumper. What’s impressive about White is his ability to defend the low post. He has quick feet and his footwork in the post is advanced for his size/position. He uses his length extremely well and can guard taller players in the post or can step out and guard smaller/athletic wings on the perimeter. He has good lateral quickness and plays with a high motor.

Player: 6’5 Gejuan Long
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
School: Mt. Tabor
Class: 2013
Evaluation:  Gejuan Long is alum of the NC Phenom 150 Camp and he introduced himself to us last October. Here is what we wrote about Long in October. “Without question, Long was the surprise player on the camp. Simply put, Long introduced him to the scouts and spectators in attendance with a dribble drive baseline move for a power dunk that sent the gym into frenzy. More importantly, he has a high motor and his overall intensity on both ends of the court was contagious. He is long, lanky and athletic wing that attacks the basket with vengeance at every opportunity. His full throttle approach to the game and his lock down pressure defense was refreshing to see. He definitely made a name for himself this past weekend with his freakish athleticism. He has good handles and is excellent in transition. The next step in his development is to play under control and develop a consistent outside jump shot.” Fast forward to March, 2012 and Long once again enjoyed another outstanding performance and provided several high flying and crowd pleasing dunks in transition, but the most impressive dunk was over 6’10 Chuck Ogbodo. Without question, Long flourishes in camp settings and is able to use his elite level athleticism by attacking and yes punishing the rim in transition.

Player: 6’0 James Daniel III
Hometown: Hampton, VA
School: Phoebus
Class: 2013
Evaluation: James “J Byrd” Daniel is one slick ball handling wizard and basically has the ball on a string. Last October, we wrote “Daniel has a tremendous arsenal of offensive moves with the basketball and is truly a scoring PG. He has excellent speed and quickness and knows how to change speeds in the half court and then knows how to accelerate in the open court. The next step in his development is improving his shot selection at times, but is a great looking prospect with promising skills and abilities.” Fast forward to today and Daniel has made vast improvements in these areas. He still has the ability to take over a game by his impressive one on one offensive skills, but looked to be more of a facilitator and team leader.

Player: 6’0 Robert Story
Hometown: Durham, NC
School: Durham School of the Arts
Class: 2012
Evaluation: Low major schools that are need of an elite level athletic PG immediately need to look no further as Robert Story is one of the “freakiest” athletes in the state of North Carolina. The powerfully built PG resembles a potential college running back with his strength and athleticism, but can be a surprise player for the right school. He is quite impressive in attacking the rim and doesn’t mind punishing the rim with some powerful and thunderous dunks. He has exceptional quickness and will surprise you with his court vision and basketball IQ. He is extremely unselfish and plays the game the right way. He plays with energy, passion and purpose.

Player: 6’8 Tyler Creammer
Hometown: Parkton, NC
School: South View
Class: 2015
Evaluation: There’s an old saying, “you can’t teach height” and at 6’8 and a baby face, there is still plenty of time for growth for Tyler Creammer. Creammer is a promising young prospect that can play on the interior or step out and be an effective face up PF. Creammer has a wide body and sturdy frame, but looks like he has room for growth and muscle that could make him a very popular player in the next few years. While not overly strong, he does an outstanding job of posting up on the interior, but has the ability to knock down jumpers out to 18 feet will make him an appealing prospect for many years to come.

Player: 6’5 Gregory Harper
Hometown: Snow Hill, NC

School: Greene Central
Class: 2013
Evaluation:  Harper was really one of the surprise players at the camp. The 6’5 Harper has a strong frame and has a nose for the rim. He was exceptional finishing in and around the basket for his size. Harper displayed a tremendous desire of playing hard on both ends of the court and rarely took a play off which is unusual in a camp setting. Defensively, he got back in transition and played hardnosed defense and rebounded his position extremely well. He was active on the boards and anticipated missed shots and stepped into passing lanes for steals off the pass. Offensively, Harper was effective in attacking the rim. His aggressive play was impressive and with continued improvement in his perimeter game should garnish interest from lower tier division one schools.

Player: 6’3 Osandai Vaughn
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
School: Phillip O ‘Berry
Class: 2012

Evaluation:  While Osandai Vaughn may not be on the collegiate radar at the current moment, a year of Prep School may just do the trick in the right setting. Vaughn is a 6’3 explosive and athletic WG that plays plays extremely hard. Hustle is definitely in his young man’s vocabulary and he simply knows how to compete. Vaughn’s strongest attribute is his ability to attack the rim and he was quite effective in finishing in traffic against bigger players. While he is an adequate shooter from the midrange, the next stage in his development is to become more proficient from the 3 point line.

Player: 6’10 Ibrahiima Diallo
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
School: Quality Education Academy
Class: 2014
Evaluation:  Diallo is 6’10 with an impressive 7’5 wingspan and a body frame that can easily add weight and muscle. Diallo has been hampered by growing pains and the long and athletic center was grimacing many times during the course of the day. That being said, Diallo stuck it out and continue playing while on-lookers could easily see the pain in his face. That being said, Diallo has a high ceiling for growth and upside and his potential is unlimited. While he is still somewhat young in basketball experience, all he needs is to continue his steady growth of improvement in the area of offensive skill sets. Diallo had a solid, but not spectacular camp and should be an intriguing prospect over the next few years.

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