By: Chris Sause

Jalen Hood- Schfino 6’4 2021 Team Charlotte– Jalen comes in with a lot of national level hype that I had been hearing about for some time now. This was my first time watching him play and I was more than impressed at how easy he made the game look. A phrase I thought of when watching Jalen play was “Great players make the hard things look easy.” Jalen had a way of making zip passes through the defense or three pointers 5 feet behind the line just look easy. As he continues to grow and develop, he looks like a HM prospect.

Scott Martin 6’2 2021 WCBA– When you look at Scott and this WCBA squad they might not pass your traditional “look test” but man can they play. Scott showcased the ability to do so many different things on offense. He showed all 3 levels of scoring on efficient shot taking and making, along with solid fundamentals defensively and on the backboards, all accompanied with a solid ability to handle the ball and pass.

Jaylin McClurkin 6’6 2021 Team Charlotte- Jaylin showcased a nice ability to be a solid face up big man in this game. He was a presence with his length and ability to move and knocked down mid-range jumpers one after the other effortlessly. The next step for Jaylin would be an improved motor and sense of positioning defensively.

John Morris 5’11 2021 CC Elite-  A tough and gritty lead guard who makes all his teammates better. He talks, defends, leads, and makes all the right plays. John impressed me with his solid fundamentals. He showcased everything from catch and shoot, one dribble pullups, and a wide array of fundamentals in between. You have to appreciate young players who don’t over complicate the game this is exactly what John is.

Kennedy Miles 5’10 2020 PSB Elite– A high level defender with active hands who came away with a ton of steals for his team. Showcased the ability to knock down the jumper consistently off the catch and create for others. Had a lot of dog in him and showed that he can be one to watch.

Josh Taylor 6’6 2020 Team United- A real swiss army knife type of player who finds a way to get whatever his team needs done. He can rebound, pass, defend, score, and has great size and athleticism. A player with high level potential because he can find a way to get on the floor and stay on the floor.