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Grassroots Tipoff Classic: April 28-30



    ALL coaches must FIRST obtain their USAB Gold License ( AND then register in the BBCS ( BEFORE participating in this event. ALL athletes must be registered in the BBCS BEFORE they can participate in this event. Directions for adult account creation are on page 38 of the ECAG user manual and athlete account creation directions are on page 31 of the ECAG user manual. You can find this manual online at:


    Gym Location

    Greensboro Coliseum (8 Courts)
    1921 W. Gate City Blvd.
    Greensboro, NC 27403
    Proehlific Park
    4517 Jessup Grove Road 
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    Greensboro Day School
    5401 Lawndale Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27455

    Gym Location

    SW Guilford HS
    4364 Barrow Road 
    High Point, NC 27265
    NW Guilford HS
    5240 NW School Road
    Greensboro, NC 27409
    NE Guilford 
    6700 McLeansville Road
    McLeansville, NC 27301

     April Brings Opportunity

    By: Mark Bialkoski

    The majority of all College Coaches around the country are all doing the same thing… meeting as a staff to review, discuss, and narrow their recruiting lists moving forward. Who did we like? Who do we need to get on the phone? Who do we need to offer? Who do we need to see more of? Who fits us and what we’re looking for? Whose transcripts do we need to get a hold of? Is there video of these players to show other coaches on staff? Who do we need to get on campus and when?

    The bigger question I pose for potential college prospects needs to be – “How do I get my name into these meetings?”

    It all starts in April, where over 30 Division I programs have changed staffs and numerous of Division II, Division III, JUCO, and NAIA schools have done the same this off-season. April gives these new staffs opportunity. Opportunity to evaluate their current rosters, find their needs, develop recruiting lists, and formulate a two to three year plan.  April is a time to identify who these future college players will potentially be. As a player this has become THE time to get your talents, abilities, and style of play in front of these coaches. 

    Phenom Hoops is giving players around the southeast a chance. A chance to seize the moment. A chance to capitalize on opportunity. A chance to compete at a high level against the top talent in the area. A chance to make their own name into College Coaching recruiting meetings around the country.

    April is opportunity --- For most, that is all we can ask for. 

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    Phenom Hoops offers a platform of competition, organization, and coverage that travel teams crave. Moving from Charlotte to a more easily accessible Greensboro, this event will be lined with coaches looking to give out their scholarships. Will one of them be yours?! Certified LIVE event.