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march 24th, 2019 TN JUNIOR PHENOM


Grades 5-8


TNT Sportsplex
600 E Main St, Kingsport, TN 37660





tentative schedule




BREAK/SPEECH: 11:30-12:00PM

GAMES: 12:00-4:00PM


Coach Rick’s ENC Phenom 150 Super Six and More

Phenom Hoop Report travelled to the JD Lewis Center in Raleigh, North Carolina to host the inaugural Eastern North Carolina Phenom 150 camp. The gym was absolutely filled with quality talent and the overall depth from top to bottom was terrific. There were many...

#PhenomENC150: Miles Magical Five (Shooters)

#21 5'10 2023 William Otto (Broughton High School) Otto is a name that is known around Raleigh as one of the top up and coming guards and it doesn't take a lot of time to understand why when you watch him.  The combination of shot making ability and understanding of...

#PhenomENC150: Miles Magical Five (Stockrisers)

#78 6’5 2020 Colin Radcliffe (Living Water Christian) Radcliffe is a great combination of pop and finesse. He possesses deep range and confidence on his jumper that really opens up the floor for him and his teammates. He can heat up at any given moment from the...

North Texas Junior James Reese Puts on Shooting Display for 42 Points at the SC Pro AM!!

James Reese transferred into North Texas this season from a year at Buffalo and a year at Odessa JC. Reese, a Columbia, SC native, came to the SC Pro-AM and went ham.

Player Standouts at Phenom Eastern North Carolina 150 Camp

One of our scouts, Jeff Bendel, provides us the players that grabbed his attention at the Phenom ENC 150.

Eye Catchers from the Phenom ENC 150 (Part III)

The players continued to showcase their talent all throughout the event. See a few more names that impressed at the Phenom ENC 150 event.

Eye Catchers from the Phenom ENC 150 (Part II)

See a few more names that stood out to our scouts at the Phenom ENC 150 in Raleigh.

Eye Catchers from the Phenom ENC 150

Check out some of the standouts from the Phenom ENC 150, an event that had a ton of talent at all ages. See what Phenom Hoops had to say.

The Rise of Ryan Bernardi

Life has a way of subtly presenting us with opportunity. Things always happen for a purpose, but often times that purpose has a deeper meaning than what initially meets the eye. That seems to be exactly the case with Ryan Bernardi, a man who has undergone drastic...

Seventh Woods is Back Home in Columbia … Hooping at the SC Pro-AM

The Top 50 prospect committed to UNC out of High School, after 3 years (and a national championship) Woods is back home.

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