cost: $625 per team

(Possible 7 Games)

Teams are allowed to play Thursday/Friday session or a Saturday/Sunday session and pay a pro-rated amount of $100.00 per game. Teams are allowed to play two games per day or a total of four games in a two-day period for $400.00

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Nation Ford High School (4 Courts)

1400 A O Jones Blvd Fort Mill, SC 29715

Catawba Ridge High School (4 Courts)

1180 Fort Mill Pkwy Fort Mill, SC 29715

Fort Mill HS: Gym Entrance (2 courts)

225 Munn Road Fort Mill, SC 29730

Comenius School (2 courts)

8160 Regent Parkway Fort Mill, SC 29715

York Comprehensive ( 3 courts)

275 Alexander Love Hwy

York SC 29745



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$625.00 per Team


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College Coaches


Bendel’s Best: Summer Havoc (Part Two)

Bendel’s Best: Summer Havoc (Part Two) As stated in our previous edition of Bendel’s Best: Summer Havoc, there were dozens of the most intriguing teams and prospects in the southeast on display in Spartanburg this past week. Scholarships were handed out and that is...

Bendel’s Best: Summer Havoc

There were a ton of college coaches at the Upward Stars Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina this past week for our Summer Havoc. Some of the top players and teams from all around the region were in attendance. Hundreds of coaches walked through our doors and...

Sunday Standouts Phenom Summer Havoc

5’10 2019 Reginald Walton Team ENC- Reginald was a point guard that a lot of coaches would love to have for many reasons. My favorite thing about him is that if you watch him play he makes winning play after winning play for his team on both ends of the floor. He is...

Phenom Summer Havoc: My first live period experience

I have experienced the live period as a player from the time I was 13/14 years old but this past week was my first chance to be on the other side of things. It was a great week for a lot of players and after speaking to coaches (both college and AAU) I wanted to give...

Sunday Evening Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc

Georgia Flight 6’0 ’20 Cameron Carithers- The lead guard was a big contributor in this contest, and nearly won the game with his heady play in the second half. Carithers was relatively quiet early on, but then started blowing by defenders and getting into the paint,...

Afternoon Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc

Upward Stars Upstate 6’2 ’20 Williams Snipes- The two-way wing enjoyed a nice showing in this contest, providing a solid mix of playmaking and scoring throughout. He broke down opponents off the dribble and finished a majority of his attempts inside the arc. Carolina...

Sunday Morning Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc

Higher Level Premiere 6’4 ’19 Alexander Fitch- The first game of the day was a quality stage for Fitch to perform on; he shot the ball incredible well from distance and would’ve made even more three-pointers if he wasn’t in foul trouble. Fitch showcased his ability to...

Miles’ Magical Five: Top Point Guards of Day Four at #PhenomSummerHavoc

I want to start this off by saying that there are six courts in this building and I'm only one man, so If I didn't see a certain performance please don't come at me, but let's get to the top five Point Guards from the action today. Honorable Mention: 6'0 2019 Jamarii...

Phenom Summer Havoc Showcase Standouts

#1 Josh Dupree is one of the best all around players in the Phenom Summer Havoc Showcase period! 6'4" Swingman {2019 -South Fulton Lions - Georgia U17} He is Mr. inside and Mr. Outside with a superior motor and supreme scoring ability. He has a different gear that...

Saturday Evening Standouts at Phenom Summer Havoc

Team Loaded 6’10 ’20 Javarzia Belton- It would be difficult to discuss Team Loaded’s evening performance without mentioning Belton. This man-child fears no one and is basically playing bully ball against opponents. In this battle, he was pretty strong on the offensive...