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$295.00 per Team


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Showcase Format – 3 Game Guarantee


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Multi-Team Discount of $25

Early Standouts at Day Two of Phenom Challenge Live

Team Knicks 6’5 ’20 Ben Burnham- The long, wiry post continues to be the main leader and most productive two-way player on this team. He utilizes ball-fakes to get by opponents and highlight his surprising athleticism at the rim. Burnham scores the ball efficiently...

Coach Mills Game Report: Greensboro Warriors v. Team Hickory

By: Kelvin Mills Greensbro Warriors versus team hickory 15U.     The Greensbro Warriors we’re just too much. They out powered Team Hickory’s smaller lineup.   With bigger and more skilled post players along with a plethora of stronger and faster guards. 54-45 victory....

Coach Mills Game Report: Carolina Cavs v. South Carolina Stars

By: Kelvin Mills Carolina Cavs,  versus The South Carolina Stars 15U.  This tournament opener went right down to the wire with neither team ever able to mount a double-digit lead. It was chippy.  Two player technical fouls. With both teams finishing the game in the...

Player Standouts at Day One of Phenom Challenge Live

CC Elite 6’4 ’20 Elijah Hightower- The long, wiry wing prospect was really difficult for the opposition to contain in this contest, especially from beyond the arc. Hightower looked quite strong when spotting-up and working without the ball, but also showed some solid...

Coach Thread’s Standouts at Phenom Opening from Southwest Guilford High School

By Coach Thread Khilen Woodley 5’11 2020 (Team Knicks)– one of the better floor leader that I saw today the Phenom Opening at Southwest Guilford gym. Has a great IQ for the game and understands how to push the pace. Did a great job of creating for his teammates. When...

Team Charlotte Herrom Claims 17U Championship at Phenom’s Opening

The final title game of the day featured a tough, gritty Team Charlotte squad against a very well-rounded Team Knicks group. Joshua Wiggins and Kenny Gwynn carried the scoring load for this squad throughout this contest, but also contained their respective assignments...

TLBA Secures 13U Championship at Phenom’s Opening

No team has been more impressive than TLBA, a fast-paced, run-and-gun, let it fly group with the necessary personnel to overwhelm opponents. They are loaded with quality size, intelligent three-point shooters, and guys that buy-in extremely well to the team concept....

Team Charlotte Secures 15U Championship at Phenom’s Opening

The rough and rowdy Team Charlotte group found themselves in the 15U title game after dominating multiple opponents throughout the weekend. They’ve mainly played through Jeremy Gregory, who has been an unrelenting force inside the paint. He’s strong, active, and...

Team Loaded Claims 17U Championship at Phenom’s Opening

The titans clashed during one of the most anticipated games of the day, which set out to feature Team Loaded’s 16U and 17U squads in a heated, bloodbath of a contest. They opened things up and it appeared to be pretty evenly matched, as the younger group went...

Team Winston Claims 16U Championship at Phenom’s Opening

The Team Winston program is tough and gritty from top to bottom, which certainly includes this 16U squad. They set the tone with defensive pressure, unselfish play, and a clear willingness to do whatever necessary to secure this victory. The offensive balance by this...