5’5 ’24 Will Rothacker- Though somewhat small, it’s clear that the young guard prospect has a great amount of skill. He’s smart and it’s evident on both ends of the floor, as he consistently displays great defensive instincts and a well-rounded offensive skillset. Rothacker scores the ball efficiently from all levels and showcases great playmaking instincts, especially in transition or when attacking the basket.


6’4 ’24 Nicholas Hamrick- The long, wiry post prospect has been among the most intriguing players to walk through our doors at our Queen City Showcase. He has a lot of length on his excellent frame and already understands how to utilize it on defense to alter shots around the basket. Hamrick moves pretty well for his size and is capable of doing a lot of versatile things on offense. He has the ability to grab rebounds, immediately push the break, and make plays for himself and others in transition, an impressive thing for a guy of his size.


Carolina Pressure

6’1 ’24 Evan Carter- The long, active forward prospect is arguably the most valuable game-to-game performer for this Pressure squad. He’s able to affect the game without needing to score, given his ability to defend, rebound, and make plays without the ball in his hands. Carter runs the floor very well and consistently displays nice touch around the basket. He’s a pretty solid athlete that should turn into a two-way problem upon physically maturing.


NC Flames

6’1 ’22 Drew Bean- The high-motor forward/post does a great job of playing with endless amounts of energy and filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He scored an abundance of times from sheer effort and outworking his assignment. Bean has noticeably been among the top two-way rebounders on display, which lead to easy transition play and numerous second-chance opportunities.


5’10 ’22 Jeremiah Jones- The intelligent point guard prospect has been among the most poised and polished floor generals on display through the first day of action. He makes terrific decisions with the ball in his hands, which allows him to offer a phenomenal balance between scoring and playmaking. Jones is a quality athlete that plays with patience and understands how to truly dictate the action on both ends of the floor.


Taking It By Force

5’10 ’22 Ervin Everette- The Taking It By Force squad had some offensive struggles throughout this contest, but Everette did a great job of leading them on both sides of the ball. He showed toughness and aggression when driving to the rim, which is where he score majority of his points. Everette understands how to play hard, fight for rebounds, defend with intensity, and make plays in transition.


Blue Chip Cavs

6’2 ’21 Colin Baker- The strong-bodied forward/post was probably the most effective all-around player for this Blue Chip Cavs team, especially during their second game of the day. He operated as a secondary ball-handler and was able to score decently well when looking to attack. Baker utilized his body well when getting downhill and attempting to finish inside.


CSB Elite

5’8 ’22 Alex Reece- Though unassuming at first glance, Reece was arguably the main all-around threat on this team. He has an excellent perimeter jumper, which he converts at an incredibly high rate. Reece also offers a nice playmaking presence and can create for himself or others. He has a great foundation and looks to make the right play whenever possible.


6’4 ’22 Jaylen Williams- The strong, athletic forward displayed a nice of versatility throughout this contest, given his ability to grab rebounds and immediately push the break. He’s difficult for opponents to contain in transition due to his ability to handle the ball and then finish strong through contact. Williams also showcased a formidable midrange jumper.


Upward Stars Upstate

6’2 ’22 Jason Levitt- The wiry forward prospect stood out with his toughness and ability to score the ball with consistency. He took advantage of easy scoring opportunities and drove the ball strong to the basket whenever possible, but also displayed a useful perimeter jumper. Levitt handled the ball well for his size and showed some creation ability off the bounce.


5’10 ’22 Bryson Williford- The all-purpose wing/forward was the main glue-guy for this team, given the way he pursues the ball and willingly looks to make the hustle plays. Williford is a solid athlete that can operate nicely without the ball and still make an impact. He embraces his role extremely well on both ends of the floor and knows how to contribute within the team concept.


Taking It By Force

5’8 ’22 Antonio Underwood- There’s a lot to like with Underwood, who did a nice job of leading this short-handed Taking It By Force squad in their second contest of the day. He has a quality blend of size, strength, and toughness, which he utilizes in various facets of the game. Underwood attacks the basket hard, rebounds well, and is capable of making plays on defense.


Team Hickory

6’3 ’22 Zane Redmon- The long, athletic forward prospect has been one of the most appealing players on display. He’s an incredibly strong, versatile player that can do almost anything on either end of the floor. Redmon can defend all five positions quite well and shows no fear of moving his feet on the perimeter. He’s also quite smart and skilled on the other end of the floor, given his ability to handle the ball, make quality decisions, and score efficiently inside the arc.


5’10 ’22 Quentin Rice- The point guard prospect is somewhat undersized, but already stands out as a terrific two-way player. He doesn’t necessarily look to score, nor does he really need to, as his playmaking abilities are arguably his strongest trait. Rice is a very engaged defender that does an excellent job of mirroring his assignment at all times. He’s simply a smart, lead-by-example floor general that elevates his supporting cast.


PSB Wilmot

6’0 ’22 Goodwyn Mattox- The well-rounded wing prospect was arguably their best performer from the last game of the day. He can cause matchup problems with his blend of size and guard skills, but doesn’t really need to score in order to affect the game. Mattox understands how to be patient with the ball and get his teammates involved.