6’1 ’20 Andrew Shull (Chapmanville)

Few point guards in attendance have been as steady and reliable as Shull, who has been their most consistent player throughout the day. He sets up the offense and looks to create for others at all times, but was forced to take on a major scoring role today. Shull is crafty, deceptively quick, and possesses one of the best midrange pull-ups around. It seemed like he was always there whenever Chapmanville needed a bucket.


6’9 ’20 Obinna Killen (Chapmanville)

Unsurprisingly, Killen has been one of the top two or three prospects on display. He didn’t score the ball with his normal level of efficiency, but was still able to impact all other facets of the game. Killen displayed strong two-way versatility and was easily their most game-changing defensive presence. He worked well with the ball in his hands, but made the strongest impression with his rebounding ability.


6’1 ’22 Quan Peterson (South Pointe)

The young, strong-bodied point guard was arguably the best passer in the building today. He suffered an injury in this contest, but after his phenomenal passing display. Peterson is quick, smart, and does a great job of setting up his teammates in stride. He’ll be one to watch as his role grows.


6’2 ’20 Ahmad Hamilton (Southern Durham)

Few performances were as impressive as Hamilton’s showing against Moravian Prep. He single-handedly brought his team back into this contest, through unbelievable toughness and shooting consistency. Hamilton attacked the basket with relentlessness and finished extremely well through contact. He displayed great athleticism by playing above the rim and dusting everybody in transition. Hamilton could easily emerge as a scholarship-level guy, especially if he continues to play at this level.


6’10 ’20 Javarzia Belton (Moravian Prep)

It’s almost impossible to find someone with physical tools like Belton, considering he’s truly one of the biggest and strongest players in the entire country—regardless of class. He knows how to properly utilize his size around the basket to rebound or mow down the opposition and finish one dunk after another. Belton is such a load in the paint and nearly unstoppable when his sights are set on the rim.


6’1 ’20 Jalen Miller (Combine Academy)

In terms of intriguing prospects, Miller was certainly one of the best. He was very productive for this Combine team, controlling the action, getting teammates involved, and scoring as needed from all levels. Miller has great length and a quality frame for a guard. He could be worth tracking going forward, as he could definitely end up as a college-level guy.