WBC Elite

6’6 ’22 Austin Durst- The strong-bodied big man stood out nicely throughout this contest, scoring as needed, working hard inside the paint, and fighting for second-chance points at every opportunity. Durst utilizes his body well and moves fluidly for his size/position. He played with a quality motor and ran the floor hard in transition from start to finish.


MidState Magic

5’6 ’22 Hunter Westbrooks- It’s easy to see how important Westbrooks was throughout this showing. He offered a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. He shot the ball effectively from the perimeter and looked to attack the basket at a pretty solid rate. Westbrooks managed the game well and didn’t force the action with the ball in his hands.


WNC Warriors

5’5 ’23 Keenan Wilkins- Though young and slightly undersized, Wilkins has looked simply terrific in both of his contests today. He shot the ball extremely well, especially from beyond the arc, and displayed phenomenal vision whenever he attacked the basket. Wilkins looks tougher on penetration attempts and is finishing stronger through contact with regularity.


6’0 ’22 Dwight Canady- The smart, well-rounded guard was easily among the most appealing backcourt performers on display. He’s athletic and possesses the necessary skillset to dominate his assignment on both ends of the floor. Canady is a crafty ball-handler that can attack the basket or knock down jumpers from the perimeter, based on what the defense gives him. He showcased a fairly complete game and was among their best leaders throughout the day.


6’3 ’22 Rettek Owens- He isn’t going to wow folks with his athleticism or physical attributes, but Owens is a guy that every coach would want on their team. He plays with an excellent motor and truly understands how to thrive in his role and maximize his touches on offense. Owens rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor and can score effectively around the basket.


Royal Knights

6’4 ’22 Jarrod Small- The strong, athletic wing/forward prospect was one of the most physically-advanced performers in attendance. He plays with energy, intensity, and has no problem asserting himself on either end of the floor. Small is at his best when looking to attack the basket and score, especially in transition.