By: Kevin Dawkins

Standouts from Day One at Phenom’s Queen City Showcase

Team Charlotte

6’3 ’23 Devin Covington- Covington is very intriguing he gets up and down the court as fast as anyone nice frame and very tough on the boards. He is able to get rebound and to start fast breaks and usually makes a good read. In the high post area, he was one of the best passing post guys of the day,

Queen City Thunder

5’8 ‘23 Marquis Oliphant- Oliphant has incredible vision and used his quick burst to get in the lane and make plays.  Oliphant makes smart decisions once in the lane and doesn’t force the issue was hard to stay in front of and really excelled in transition.

WBC Elite 2021

6’4 ’21 Kris Gibbs- Gibbs is a workhouse in the paint and knows what his role is and he plays it well. Gibbs role on the team is defending, rebounding and score when opportunities arise and those things contributed to him coming up with double-double on a constant basis.

Team Bond

6’6’21 Zyun Reeves- Reeves blocks a lot of shots in and out of his area with the ability to step out and shoot the three. Has a lot of tools to work with and with two years of high school ball left he could cause some major problems in the 2021 class.

Team United 2022

6’8 ’22 Perry Smith- Smith is a long high flying forward with broad shoulders, I would describe him right now more of a 4 than 3 he has face-up skills and showed good range out to the 3 point line. Smith has a lot of potential and is one of the better long term prospects I saw over the weekend.

6’2 ’22 Anthony Breeland- Breeland can play either on or off the ball I personally prefer him with ball in his hand. Breeland possesses nice size frame which allows him to not only take contact but deliver a blow as well. He gets downhill fast and doesn’t mind battling for rebounds also sees the floor well. There are a lot of other guards mentioned before him in NC for 2022 but Breeland needs to be in the conversation.

CC Elite 2021-2022

6’10 ’22 Patrick Wessler- Wessler is a big-time prospect he keeps the ball high and finishes with a nice touch around the rim. Being so young and so big he moves up and down the floor well even ran someone down for a block he also displayed post moves and counters. One made basketball that was impressive for me was when he showed he could make a driving left-hand hook bright future for this Patrick.