By: Kelvin Mills

Damien Robinson # 32, 6’4 of Flight 22 out of Fayetteville North Carolina is mostly a power forward, averaging around 23.points, 13.rebounds and 3.blocks in his game two appearances. He is a player that looks like a young Dwight Howard. Damien Robinson, Despite his large frame, is quick and versatile enough to play the 3, or 4. Make no mistake Robinson is young and green. We love his body and athleticism. He is a man at 15 years of age that challenged every shot. From the perimeter and in the paint. He knows how to stay out of foul trouble. What we would like to see more of from this young man is a low post game when he is the biggest and strongest thing on the floor. And with a nice soft touch from the line something most big man don’t have. Getting him the ball can only create problems for the other team. Robinson is an explosive jumper with strong upper body, and strong big hands. He has a good dribble at his sizes and he can push the ball. He is also a good passer. For a big man he does so many things well. This is why we have him on Phenom’s ones to watch list.