Thursday, March 5, 2015
Clemson Tigers Meet 6’3 Guard Gabe DeVoe

Clemson Tigers Meet 6’3 Guard Gabe DeVoe

Name: Gabe DeVoe
Height: 6’3
Position: Guard
School: Shelby
City: Shelby, North Carolina
PPG: 33.4
AAU: Forest City Heat
Committed: Clemson

By Jamie Shaw
At 6’4 and 190 pounds, Gabe has a physically mature body and excellent size for his position. He is a strong kid that has a slowed down, cerebral approach. Gabe is a dogged defender. He really gets after you on the perimeter. He takes view of the court, seeing lanes and then finds ways to exploit those lanes. Has a nice dribble, doesn’t put the ball into trouble, and he likes his three ball. Gabe does a good job rebounding the ball with strength and positioning.

He is a model citizen in the Shelby community and has received as many academic honors as basketball honors. Gabe is an Honor student with a 4.4 GPA and has been the President of his student body since his freshman year. He has a great bloodline for athletic success His cousin is David Thompson, former NBA Hall of Famer; his cousin Alvin Gentry, if a former college player and Phoenix Suns Head Coach while Charlotte Smith is a former WNBA player.

Phenom Hoops Director of Scouting and Recruiting Jamie Shaw
*After Clemson Elite Camp
DeVoe played at a high level throughout the event, both in drills and in scrimmages. His new found team mates looked to him as the leader, making a play when it was needed. He defended hard in the one on one drills, he shot the ball from range with touch and depth, and he handled the ball in the half court as the primary. At the next level, I think he is a combo, but this showing went a long way toward raising his grade.

Tweets from NCPhenom Camp
Gabe DeVoe has all the intangibles you want, leadership, vocal on the court, toughness.  He is an important piece to any team he’s on
Gabe DeVoe continues to show he can play at a high level. Devoe is a strong, full blast guard who shows ability to play in the halfcourt

Phenom Hoops Director of Scouting and Recruiting Rick Lewis
He is physically strong and already sports a college ready frame. While his best position is at the SG position, we continuously are impressed with his ability to slide over to the PG position and run the offense effective and efficiently. Devoe was shooting at a high percentage from the perimeter and especially from the 3-point line, but what makes him a difficult match up is his ability to go left. As a matter of fact, Devoe feels more comfortable going to his off hand than he does going to his strong hand. He has the ability to make quick reads and thread the needle with his pass off the dribble with accuracy. Devoe has the ability to lock you up defensively and uses his strength and power to overwhelm smaller PG’s or thinner SG’s

NCPhenom Camp Evaluation
Gabe is an outstanding athlete that simply knows how to play the game the right way. He has an excellent attitude and understanding of the game that is advanced for his age. His Camp Coach stated, “Gabe is a rare combination of size, speed and quickness, plus is a great shooter. His ability to shoot the 3 point shot and close out on the defensive side of the ball are big advantages for him.” Gabe graded out extremely high in our individual player evaluation. We loved his decision-making and leadership skills on the court. He hustles and never took a play off. His ball handling and passing skills are impressive for his size/position and one has to be intrigued with his foot speed and lateral quickness.

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Jamie Shaw
Rick Lewis

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