Friday, February 27, 2015

Brian Carthens Scouts: Northwood Temple vs Trinity Christian


Less than 24 hours after Roy Williams and his North Carolina Tarheels upset #1 Michigan St, he was in Fayetteville, NC for this marquee rivalry. This was one of the most highly anticipated match ups going into the season.  Leading into this season, there was plenty of talk about who was “The Team” out of Fayetteville, NC. Northwood Temple has a nice sized front line with 6’10” Dalen Traore, 6’8 Armel Tete, and 6′ 8″ Macoumba ‘Papi’ Kane. Trinity Christian has talented 2016 Guards Dennis Smith Jr. and Kwe Parker. This game lived up to billing. Early on it was back and forth. Kwe Parker electrified the crowd with 3 first half slams. Macoumba Kane showed off his nice touch on his jump shot en route to a 13 point performance. Trinity’s Lee Moore was scoring from all over the floor, knocking down 3 pointers, mid-range jumpers, and all 4 of his free throws. 6’8 Lonzia Tyson (Trinity) continues to impress as he is a terrific rim protector and is coming along nice on the offensive end. His defensive presence is high level and he had bigs and guards alike rushing shots or thinking twice.

Dennis Smith Jr.(Trinity) had a superb floor game and was really looking to get others involved throughout the game. He had a big dunk…NO LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN…HE HAD A BIG DUNK from the baseline that brought the Northwood and Trinity fans to their feet. His launching pad was well outside the 3 second area and one had to wonder ‘Was he ever going to stop elevating’? Jahi Hughes (Northwood) knocked down some threes and handled the ball well from the 2 guard position. It was his clutch 3 point shooting that gave Northwood life when Trinity seemed to be on the brink of blowing the game open. Northwood got within 3 after two 3s from Hughes. Traore was active on the boards and around the rim and he finished with 9 points. In the 4th quarter things got a little chippy when a couple of players had to be separated in the heat of the battle. Ultimately, Trinity prevailed with a 59-55 win. This rematch is a must see!

Trinity Christian


-Dennis Smith Jr is an elite level athlete at the PG position. He is capable of leaving his imprint on the game within scoring the ball. He is truly one of the MUST HAVE PGs nationally in the class of 2016.

-Kwe Parker is a world class athlete at the off guard position. He can do a bit of everything. He rebounds, plays D, and can dunk with the best of them. Parker really impressed with his passing ability as a number of his dishes ended end slams for a teammate. Another high level recruit!

-Kylia Sykes simply does what it takes for his team to win. A really good athlete who has added significant muscle to his frame since last year

-Lonzia Tyson gets better each time he steps on the floor. He is a superb rim protector and a terrific athlete. He is just scratching the surface of his potential

-Jahi Hughes played a very good game. He knocked down 3s at crunch time and was ready for this moment. He is the clear leader of the team.

-Macoumba Kane is a very intriguing prospect. At 6’8 he has a deft touch on his shots and even the ones that he miss bounce softly off the rim. He is a match up nightmare.

-Dalen Traore has a good motor around the rim. He goes for rebounds with good intensity and runs the floor well. Another player scratching the surface of his potential.

Box Score:

TRINITY:  Lee Moore 16, Alonzia Tyson 14, Kwe Parker 10, Dennis Smith Jr. 5, Kylia Sykes 5, Braxton Ross 9

NORTHWOOD: Darius Moore 6, Jahi Hughes 10, Xavier Mckoy 8, Macoumba Kane 13, Dalen Traore 9, Armei Tete 4, Keon Madison 5


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